Will Your Next Cocktail Be Invisible?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 25, 2013

Many cocktail enthusiasts are both mystified and unsure of what to think about the “Vaportini” that may be on the menu at your local pub soon. The Vaportini is a device that vaporizes spirits allowing you to inhale the essence of the cocktail.

NPR reports about the latest invisible cocktail trend and how it is going over with patrons and critics. How it works is you sip the vapors from the evaporated liquid through a glass straw that sits inside a hand blown glass globe with a candle underneath. The candle works to heat up a shot of spirits that eventually evaporates allowing you to breath it in rather than drink it.

Restaurateur Julie Palmer came up with the idea of vaporizing cocktails and created the device that is now selling for about $30. Palmer explains, “I'm negotiating with bars all over the country to bring it in, and I'm working with a local distiller to develop spirits specific for it. I made a lemon-and-tarragon-infused vodka — it was incredible.”

Not everyone thinks the vaporized cocktails are so incredible though. Time Out Chicago’s Jake Malooley say, “I felt like it was unsatisfying. Part of why we drink beer and cocktails is for the taste — it's cold and refreshing. The Vaportini eliminates a lot of the sensual elements of the cocktail experience.” Though Malooley also admits that he was impressed how he was able to differentiate different flavors in the vaporized whiskey he inhaled.

The nuance of flavors in vaporized cocktails may be interesting but many may question whether inhaling alcohol is safe. According to the Vaportini  website, the euphoric buzz or high is immediate since it goes right to your bloodstream but does not last as long as when you drink alcohol because it does not travel through your digestive track. The website also claims that inhaling the vapors from alcohol can help to imbibe more responsibly since you feel the effects right away.

What do you think of this latest cocktail trend?

Would you ever give the Vaportini a try if it was offered at a restaurant or bar?


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KrissyP by KrissyP | Sacramento, CA
Apr 08, 2013

It's different. I totally understand the concept with the vaporizer but not sure if I would dig it, personally. Cool find, all the same.

carlsbadmom by carlsbadmom | CARLSBAD, CA
Apr 04, 2013

It does sound interesting but I would not be a fan. I like the socializing aspect of going to bars and having a drink in hand.

Mininoesmivida by Mininoesmivida | SAN DIEGO, CA
Mar 27, 2013

Sounds interesting, I would try it but only if it was affordable. I wouldn't pay more than 7$ for it.

inspiringgaia by inspiringgaia | READING, PA
Mar 26, 2013

this is crazy, but may be what i prefer since i don't like the taste of beer or wine.