Will You Say Goodbye to Food and Give Soylent a Try?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  May 25, 2014

Did you ever bite into a juicy burger or twirl savory pasta around a fork and think, “food is such a hassle, I wish there was another way?” Well…maybe not. But a new food replacing drink called Soylent (yes, it’s named after the 1970’s cult classic about eating food that is actually made of “people”) recently hit the market and has many questioning the future of the product and the way we consume foods.

The New Yorker recently reported about Soylent and spoke with the makers of the product about their vision of how people may soon replace breakfast, lunch and dinner with a quick powdered drink. Rob Rhinehart, one of the entrepreneurs involved in creating Soylent, explains how he was living in a cramped apartment, broke and eating the cheapest foods he could find to get through each day. Rhinehart says, “Food was such a large burden. It was also the time and the hassle. We had a very small kitchen, and no dishwasher.”

In order to get rid of the “hassle” of eating food and to try out an experiment of sorts, the electrical engineering major began studying nutritional biochemistry. What he came up with was that we need essentially 35 nutrients in order to survive. After ordering the powdered or pill versions of these nutrients on the internet, Rhinehart put them all in a blender and began drinking these sludgy drinks he called “Soylent”.

After drinking the mixture for a month Rhinehart posted his results on his blog writing, “I feel like the six million dollar man. My physique has noticeably improved, my skin is clearer, my teeth whiter, my hair thicker and my dandruff gone. I haven’t eaten a bite of food in thirty days, and it’s changed my life.”

Through crowdsourcing Soylent has now hit the market and has many curious consumers placing their first orders. Whether or not Soylent is safe to consume on a long term basis is not yet known, but the site assures customers that all of the ingredients in Soylent are considered safe by the FDA. Rhinehart has been drinking his concoction for over a year now and reports feeling and looking better than ever.

What do you think of the new powdered drink meal replacer?

Does Soylent sound like something you would like to try?


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Anitakay by Anitakay | CONCORD, NC
Jul 12, 2014

It would depend on how it taste and how it makes me feel. The price is also to be taken into consideration. After that, I would love to try it just to see if it is really possible. I enjoy eating food and the sensory appeal of look, smell and taste. It would be hard to give that up.

fuzzycricket by fuzzycricket | FAYETTEVILLE, GA
Jun 24, 2014

Not something I'd be interested in to replace all my meals. Perhaps if I needed something quick when in a rush. I would miss the tastes, textures and scents of real foods too much. Food, after all, isn't just about nourishing our bodies.

risible295 by risible295 | NEWNAN, GA
Jun 06, 2014

I don't think I would replace my meals just yet, maybe one meal but not all three. I'm game to try it, it sounds pretty interesting.

amandaabaker21 by amandaabaker21 | GAINESVILLE, FL
Jun 05, 2014

I had actually heard about this a while ago and thought it would be awesome to try, but I would likely drink it when in a hurry or just when being lazy. I still need food. Real food.

Jun 04, 2014

I would certain to try as I juice to get my veggies and fruit. i

harkin by harkin | BOYCE, LA
Jun 03, 2014

I would try it, even though I'll always think of Charlton Heston shouting "Soylent Green is PEOPLE!" But I don't think any drink could replace a nice medium rare steak or shrimp. Or some good Chinese food. It would most likely be one of those things that people use only when they don't have an alternative.

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Jun 02, 2014

I'm game to try. Sure would cut down on the hassles and give me more time to workout. Might also be good for people trying to figure out if they have allergy/sensitivity issues since they would be consistent on what they are drinking/eating.

MyLittlePrincessK by MyLittlePrincessK | DUNWOODY, GA
Jun 01, 2014

I would probably try it. I would love to see it help end child and world hunger...

christinlilly by christinlilly | SIESTA KEY, FL
May 30, 2014

It sounds like a possible answer to providing people in areas of famine, drought, and poverty a way to have nutrition, in that sense I am all for it!

mikele98 by mikele98 | Cape Coral, FL
May 29, 2014

This is so something I'd try. I get tired of dealing with food issues and if I could drink my meals and be healthy I'd be very happy.

Kay3131 by Kay3131 | New York, NY
May 27, 2014

My mind goes first to countries where hunger and nutrition are still serious problems, and if this could be a solution.

Jcdohm88 by Jcdohm88 | SODUS, MI
May 26, 2014

This sounds like a really interesting thing to try, especially to see the results first hand on these. The issue that commonly arrives with drinking your meals essentially, is the lack of essential nutrients you get into your body, and the lack of feeling "full". I think this sounds like something I would like to give a shot at to see how it works at a purely detox point of view. I'm studying health and nutrition at college currently, and this would make an awfully interesting research paper... Worth a shot right?