Will Friends Manage to Stand in the Way of Rihanna and Chris Brown?

   By drodriguez  Mar 01, 2012

No one can forget the incident just three years ago when Chris Brown was arrested for domestic abuse and battery against his then girlfriend, Rihanna. Since then Rihanna has distanced herself from Brown and seemingly got on with her life and career. But now, as rumors swirl about the prospects of Rihanna and Chris Brown reigniting their romance after a recent musical collaboration, TMZ reports that friends from both sides are trying their best to stymie the pair’s reunion.

Though our lives and relationships are not as closely followed and documented as Rihanna’s, some of us may know what it’s like to witness a close friend about to make, what you believe to be, a huge mistake.

It can be tough to give relationship advice to a friend just to watch her go off and do exactly the opposite of what you think is best for her. Even though you realize that everyone has to make their own mistakes (sometimes twice) you hate to see close friends suffer through unhealthy relationships.

What do you think of the rumors of Chris Brown and Rihanna’s budding romantic relationship?

Have you shared relationship advice with a friend who was bent on doing the opposite of what you felt was right?

Tell us your stories!

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2bfree by 2bfree | CHICAGO, IL
May 02, 2012

She's young and in love. When you are in a domestic violence relationship and you love your abuser it is hard leaving them for good. I've been there and I understand what she is going thru. You think its your fault for him getting mad at you. You can't see what's going on and you have to really love yourself first. Until she gets fed up she will constantly go back to him. For me it took me over 90 times and I still went back. The only thing that saved me was him dying. When you truly love someone, you will put up with a lot of crap. Unless you are a victim of dv you can't understand what she is going thru. It is easy to pass judgement looking from the outside. I pray that one day she will finally leave. But until then, I pray that God will protect her and keep her safe.

KristaK2 by KristaK2 | BRONX, NY
Mar 02, 2012

...continued. And while I think her music is trashy and slutty (hence I don't bother to listen to it unless I have no choice, like at a friends party or in a cab), I am concerned with the image she is presenting to her young fans everywhere. Being young and in an abusive situation is bad enough, you're being harmed, you believe it's your fault, and your boyfriend is a manipulator (this is a hypothetical situation, but based off of scientific fact found in psych journals and social studies in the science community), now to have somebody you admire experience something similar to you, you're going to watch her reaction as a model for yourself. Now look what RiRi did? I guess that it's all good. Riiiiight.

KristaK2 by KristaK2 | BRONX, NY
Mar 02, 2012

She's terribly stupid- in fact, she's a resounding cliche of battered women. Only she's in the spotlight and a model to millions of young women (many who may experience partner violence in their lifetime). Abused women classically return back to their abuser, even after multiple, and often near-death experiences. Rhianna continuing to pursue a relationship with her abuser (and an unapologetic one at that) is sending out a message to young women everywhere that what he did is okay, in fact, it's not even a big deal- because she continues to show support for him (defending him to her twitter followers).

talliana by talliana | GREEN CV SPGS, FL
Mar 02, 2012

I think it was just a bad publicity stunt anyway so I really don't care what they do. I don't like either of their music styles or videos.