Will Burger King's New "Satisfries" Really Satisfy Our French Fry Cravings?

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 10.02.13
Will Burger King's New

Avoiding fast food restaurant now that you’ve started that diet? Burger King plans to woo the calorie counting set with their new low fat french fry concoction they are calling “Satisfries”.

USA Today reports about the new BK fries that have 30% less fat and 20% fewer calories than their regular fry recipe. Lovers of the classic BK french fry need not worry as they will still be on the menu along with this new lower fat option.

The new fries have a different look too as they are crinkle cut. According to Burger King officials the new recipe is made with almost identical ingredients as the classic fries but the batter is somehow made to absorb less oil making them contain less fat and calories.

President of Burger King North America Alex Macedo explains, “Small changes create a big impact. This will grow, just like diet soda grew over time.” But just like diet soda it may give people the wrong idea that these new fries are actually healthy for them to consume all the time.

Registered dietician, Mitzi Dulan explains how people should keep in mind the nutritional value of french fries. Dulan says, “You don't want people to fool themselves and actually increase the serving size because they think it's healthier. French fries are an easy way to get a lot of calories and a lot of fat.”

What do you think of Burger King’s new “Satisfries”?

Does this sound like something you would order next time you find yourself having a french fry craving?

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  • sweettart501 By sweettart501

    I got brave and ordered these!! yuck!! they were terrible, cold and undercooked. I do not eat much fast food and now i remember why!!

  • Isis_Nocturne By Isis_Nocturne

    I'm going to be skipping these - I barely eat fries as it is, and I prefer the ones I can get from the A&W on my campus at school.

  • kicken91 By kicken91

    I dont think it satsifies are fry craving! they are not really that good!! I was really excited about thwse fries but they were big disappointment to me

  • sally32 By sally32

    they are good, but only once in the blue

  • essydls33 By essydls33

    Whe I think of eating french fries I want the greasy, salty and fattening french fries. If people want healthy fries then they can bake them at home...defeats the purpose of fast food!

  • LifeWithKathy By LifeWithKathy

    Personally I don't think there fries are going to be any healthier then the others. It's fast food and it's going to be unhealthy either way..

  • joycejco By joycejco

    not sure if these are really safe but I did eat 2 fries and they tasted pretty good.

  • Jennyfr By Jennyfr

    I agree that adding whatever it is to avoid the oil absorption can't be good. I would definitely try these if I ate at Burger King to see how they taste but I try to avoid fast food as much as possible.

  • BereaMama By BereaMama

    I would be worried what is in there to make it absorb less oil. I am sure they are loaded with artificial ingredients as it is!

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