Why Your Facebook Photos Shouldn't Be Judged So Harshly By An Employer

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 14, 2013

Many of us have received the message loud and clear that we should refrain from posting inappropriate pictures on Facebook for fear a potential employer may see them. But a new study suggests that when a person shows off their parting ways on social media sites it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t make for a decent employee, and in some instances they may be more like what employers are looking for.

Time reports about the study from North Carolina State University that suggests Facebook users who post pictures of themselves enjoying a drink or even doing drugs were just as responsible and hard-working as those that don’t post photos like these. The study’s lead author, William Stoughton explains, “People high in conscientiousness were just as likely to post about chugging beer or doing drugs as someone who was low in conscientiousness.”

Interestingly, researchers also found that those who boldly post pictures of themselves toting a bottle of booze or taking drugs were also more likely to be extroverts. Many employers would agree, especially those in retail, they would prefer to hire an extrovert employee over someone less likely to speak up and appear affable.

Co-author of the study, Lori Foster Thompson, warns employers who browse Facebook when considering a new hire, “You might be throwing out the very people you want.” Whether or not employers will heed this advice is still up in the air and you’re probably better off keeping your privacy settings in check and holding off on posting pictures from your wild weekend.

What do you think of the new study that suggests people who post drinking pictures on Facebook are usually just as hardworking as someone who does not?

Do you think employers should browse Facebook when considering a new hire?

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SavinSamm101 by SavinSamm101 | INDIANAPOLIS, IN
Nov 05, 2013

Facebook is for people to enjoy away from work. So what post pictures of you taking a shot or sharing some drinks so what. Some of the top employers do have life's too. We are all human.

bendybelle by bendybelle | STONE MTN, GA
Aug 16, 2013

I personally don't think that employers should judge people based on their facebook photos. Many photos can easily be taken out of context, and they certainly don't reflect they type of employee one would be. I do feel it is smart for people to take control of their facebook privacy settings, and be sure that only those they are friends with can see their photos. Unfortunately, just because a study reveals what most of us know - that photos don't speak to the type of employee one will be - doesn't mean a potential employer won't judge your photos and decide your aren't a good fit.