Why You Should Go Ahead and Cozy Up With Your Co-Worker

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 13, 2013

If you’ve been warned to steer clear of the often frowned upon office romance, there may be reason to ignore this advice entirely. A recent British survey finds that people who meet in an office are more likely to tie the knot than those who meet in other places.

Yahoo reports about the results of the 2,000 person survey finding that 14% of office romance lead to marriage as compared to 11% of couples introduced by friends. A spokesperson for the survey explains, “Being in a relationship where you work in the same place as your partner also means you have something in common before you even get to know each other, and being in the same career means you are both like-minded and have similar interests.”

Of course if things do go sour in an office romance, the idea that you will still have to see each other every day is enough to make some close the book on the whole idea of interwork relations. But for those who are more willing to gamble on love with a coworker, their odds of finding a successful relationship appear to be better than through friends, at college, or online. Some of the less likely places to find long lasting love (or the best for those seeking Mr. Right Now) are at a bar, night club, on vacation, and at a party.

What do you think of the new study that finds people who find love in a work setting are more likely to marry?

Please share stories of where you and your partner first met!

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