Why Pokemon Go Will Get You Moving To A Healthier Future

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 13, 2016

It seems that as long as you manage to watch where you’re going, the app craze known as Pokemon Go may actually add years onto your life. A new study suggests the app is having a positive effect on people’s health, getting them outdoors and more active in their day-to-day lives.

CNN reports about the study from Microsoft Research that suggests some of the most fervent users of the Pokemon Go app take 26% more steps than they had before the game was uploaded to their phones. Since the creation of the app it has been suspected that users were becoming more active overall, but the new study manages to prove the theory.

On average, those who play Pokemon Go take 194 extra steps each day, adding roughly 1/10th of a mile to their routine. Since we know how dangerous a sedentary lifestyle can be to your health, any added walking to your day is always a plus. This is big news for a lot of people since Pokemon Go has an estimated 25 million users in the U.S. Scientists estimate that if users continue to show interest in the game and play every day they can expect to add an extra 41.4 days to their life expectancy,

Researchers involved in the study also looked at how popular health apps change routines and lifestyles of users. What they found was that Pokemon Go was responsible for far greater positive changes in user’s activity levels than the health apps. In order for the health benefits of Pokemon Go to have lasting benefits on health and longevity, researchers say that users must keep catching those Pokemons for quite some time. Unfortunately, it seems interest in the trend has already begun to wane.

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