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Why Pinterest is a Must-Have

Why Pinterest is a Must-Have

It is rainy outside or are your kids yelling at you that they are bored? Have you made the same dinners for the last ten weeks and are looking for a change? Are you planning yet another birthday party and need some inspiration?

Well mom's look no farther! Pinterest is here to save the day!

"It's like a "Pictures of cool things on the Internet" cork board."
What is Pinterest?  Pinterest is the newest social networking site on the web. It's growing fast and it's a place to showcase what you like on the internet. It's like a "Pictures of cool things on the Internet" cork board.

One goes to the site and you're immediately greeted with pictures. Pinterest is primarly picture based. You see first, read later.  Let's say you are looking for a simple craft for your kids to do so they stop complaining about being bored. Open up Pinterest and go to the DIY/Crafts board and look at all the cool crafts others have done. Click on your favorite picture and it will provide you with a link to the craft. Re-pin your favorites so your friends can see what you like.

Need a new recipe idea but don't want to wade through thousands of recipes on the web? Open the food board in Pinterest and you will be greeted with hundreds of delicious looking pictures of food.

Have a wedding you are planning, maybe a birthday party, and need to figure out a theme. Pinterest is your place. Same goes for home decor.

Do you just need a laugh? The humor board is a place where you can see what's funny all over the internet.

If you haven't joined Pinterest yet, you should. It will become a life saver for you in no time!

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  • didama By didama

    Thank you so much for this post! Someone invited me to Pinterest a while ago and I joined. But, I can't say that I figured out why people loved it so much. This post definitely sheds some light!

  • kellibliss By kellibliss

    I absolutely love Pinterest!!! I pin stuff all day and night practically to my boards! I am using one of my boards as a Motivation one to keep me from giving up on myself from Dieting and Exercising. I think it's a great idea because it's a reminder to myself that I can't and won't give up. I love how you can create your own boards and put whatever you want on it. This is a good way to make a bulletin board without spending cash! Fun and creative!! When I first joined their site I didn't do much on it at first. Now forget about it! I pin stuff all the time! I love how there is all kinds of photos and quotes that are from the web! Anyone should join Pinterest it's a lot of fun!

  • Emlynn By Emlynn

    I love it! So much fun! Way different! I hope it stays around for along time!

  • LivingHipToady By LivingHipToady

    I adore Pintrest. I joke that I'm organizing the Internet.... which may have some truth to it. Ha!

  • jamiey By jamiey

    Pinterest is amazing! It is often overwhelming because there is SO much I want to do on there and the ideas just start flowing, but it is now my go-to for party-planning and recipes! I love it!

  • Eper29 By Eper29

    I LOVE Pinterest! It has brought many new foods to my table and fresh ideas for crafts to my kids and my girl scout troop. If only my home was as easy to organize as my Pinterest boards!

  • DreamN By DreamN

    I am a huge fan of Pinterest. There are so many great recipes, and DIY things to try. It's also fun to see what things your friends like and are interested in!

  • jygriebel By jygriebel

    I saw on facebook where you have to have an invitation to join Pinterest?

  • jewls_her By jewls_her

    I'm still learning how to use it. lol

  • musicmomma By musicmomma

    I am LOVING Pinterest!!! I'm a big fan of Etsy and it is a bit similar to their Treasury Lists.

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