Why Parents Who Help With Homework Only Hurt Their Kids in the Long Run

   By SheSpeaksTeam  May 02, 2014

It can be frustrating watching your child struggle through their homework and guiding them through some of the tough parts can help to move things along. But researchers are now saying that the more we help our kids with homework the more of a decline we will probably see in their academic achievements.

Today reports about authors Angel L. Harris and Keith Robinson’s book on the topic, The Broken Compass: Parental Involvement With Children’s Education. Through their research Harris and Robinson found that helping kids with their homework does not make their grades or test scores improve and if parents are helping on a regular basis kids can actually suffer a decline in their overall academic achievements.

Harris explains, “We need to do away with the assumption that anything parents do will help. That assumes that parents have all the answers, and parents do not have all the answers. Some of the things that they do may actually lead to declines in achievement – inadvertently, of course.”

A big reason kids may be suffering the consequences from having a parent help with homework is that they begin to rely on that help without actually learning to do it themselves. Parents often end up doing to the assignment for the child without realizing they haven’t helped teach their child a thing. High school teacher Vicki Davis is very used to spotting assignments completed by parents rather than her students. She says, “As a teacher, you recognize a student’s work. It’s like seeing somebody’s face every day and then all of a sudden, their face looks different.” She adds, “I don’t think most parents meant to do it. They just kind of start taking over.”

What do you think of the new research suggesting parents should help out less when it comes to their children’s homework?

Do you think parents helping with homework benefits a child or are kids better off flying solo?

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kohlenblakesmom by kohlenblakesmom | INVERNESS, MS
Jun 04, 2014

I will NEVER DO their work for them, but a parents role when it comes to schooling and homework is just as important as a teachers (in certain areas). I will always be right there to help my child when they have trouble, but I will make sure they do the work on their own.

bjen0480 by bjen0480 | Kermit, TX
May 12, 2014

there's a difference between helping and doing the work for them. if you are actually helping them learn and understand then that can't hurt. I will help my kids if they need it but I make them think through the process. I don't tell them the answer or do it for them. Taking over and doing the work for them isn't doing any one any good and the kids will definitely be hurt in the long run