Why Model and Designer Ashley Graham Wants Us to Stop Using the 'Plus Size' Label

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 22, 2015

Though we have gotten used to using the term ‘plus size’ when referring to models that are not your typical size ‘0’, model Ashley Graham does not find the label very flattering. The model and designer is showing her line of lingerie which she created with Addition Elle for New York Fashion Week and recently spoke with Time magazine about being described as ‘plus size’.

The model explains how she is all about dropping the labels and making the model-look a less definable image. She says, “I really want to put some actual thick curves on the runway.” And though she isn’t a big fan of the ‘plus size’ label and has explained how it makes her feel like an outsider in the model world, she doesn’t get angry when people choose to describe her that way. She says, “There are so many adjectives that you could [use to] describe my body, but the one I love is curvy.”

Graham is not alone when it comes to her feelings about the ‘plus size’ label. Just recently, curvier models have joined together with the Drop the Plus organization in a campaign to urge the fashion industry to stop using the term and label when referring to women above a certain size.

In order to add a little curve to her fashion line Graham has chosen to walk in her own show. She believes models should better represent what women really look like which means, all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. She says of her show, “Every woman in the show has a completely different shape and we wanted to show diversity of shape and ethnicity and that’s what curvy women are. We are all shaped so differently, we are all different ethnicities.”

What do you think of this model’s take on the label ‘plus size”?

Do you think we should stop using this term when referring to models and clothing departments?

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TamJu46 by TamJu46 | PIKEVILLE, KY
Oct 02, 2015

I agree with Ashley Graham that clothing departments should drop the label plus size. Ladies would not like it if clothing departments labeled clothing sizes 0-7 the curve less department. My thoughts go back to Marilyn Monroe she was beautiful and nobody referred to her as plus size.