Why Many First-Time Parents Don't Really Need So Much Alone Time

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 19, 2015

Have you ever hesitated when deciding whether to call or visit a friend or family member with a new baby? Maybe you didn’t want to disturb the new parents for fear they may be napping or enjoying some quiet time with their newborn. But a new study that suggests new parents are more likely to be unhappy may give us all the extra push we need to make that call or stop by with a bag of groceries more often.

CBS News reports about the new study published in the journal Demography that suggests that new parents often suffer more unhappiness after the birth of a baby than when going through divorce, losing a job or even the death of a spouse. Researchers believe the main reasons new parents have a tendency to feel sad is because of the social isolation that most often comes after the birth of a child.

In times of crisis like divorce and death, friends and family will more than likely circle the wagons until all is well again. But since birth is viewed as a happy time many do not want to disturb new parents believing they are in a constant state of euphoria over their new bundle.

Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher explains how friends and family usually assume new first-time parents would rather not have people around. Fisher says, “You get some presents from various friends, and then they just leave you alone because they figure you're too tired and too busy.” She adds, “People simply assume that when you are getting a divorce -- they're piling in to help you, they pile in to help you when you've lost your job, they really pile in to help you when you've lost your partner. But they don't pile in when you've had a child. They figure you're happy.”

What do you think of the new study that suggests first-time new parents are likely to be unhappy due to social isolation?

Did you notice that friends and family tended to stay away after the birth of your first child?


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