Why Finding Lost Keys Doesn't Have To Be An All-Day Event Anymore

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 26, 2013

Who hasn’t found themselves going mad searching for misplaced keys, wallet, purses, or anything else you can’t really leave the house without? Sometimes in the midst of tearing apart the house you may have wished for a key, wallet or phone honing system that could allow you to remotely call to your missing item and find it within seconds. Now a small white Tile may be the answer to your absent-minded ways.

The matchbook sized Tile can be affixed to anything from keys to laptops to bicylcles. Tile works along with an iPhone app as a locating system to find your lost items alerting you as you walk closer to the misplaced item. The lost item will also make sounds so if you are in earshot you will be able to find what you’ve lost by following the sound. You can log onto to your account from anyone’s iPhone so if it’s your phone you’ve misplaced it’s no problem.

Tile can also allow you to find a stolen bike via crowd sourcing. If your bike goes missing you can mark it as such and allow other Tile app users to keep an eye out for the signal from the Tile attached.

The need for the Tile seems apparent as co-founders Nick Evans and Mike Farley have gone above and beyond raising funds for their Tile project. They requested about $20,000 from crowd sourcing to get their project off the ground and have to this take received well over $2 million. In a press release Evans describes how he sees Tile changing the way we live. He says, “Tile is changing the world by making lost and misplaced belongings a thing of the past. We are giving people back hours of their lives that were previously wasted searching for missing possessions.”

A Tile will go for around $25, requires no batteries and lasts for a year.

What do you think of the Tile to keep track of misplaced items?

Would you consider purchasing a Tile to keep track of your stuff?


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kayberrie by kayberrie | TUCSON, AZ
Jul 30, 2013

I'd like the product a lot more if it required batteries as opposed to replacing it every year. A battery wouldn't cost that much although inconvenient when it dies when something is lost - it would be just as inconvenient when the product doesn't work after a year and something is lost.

lovebugg by lovebugg | PRINCESS ANNE, MD
Jul 29, 2013

I would buy this product because we are constantly looking for keys in my household