Why Dermaplaning Has Women Everywhere Embracing the Female Face Shave

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jun 20, 2019

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If the fancy exfoliants in your cometic cabinet just aren’t giving you that luminous glow that you hoped for, you may want to try a razor. A simple treatment called dermaplaning has become a popular way for women to get that glow without exfoliants or facials. Dermaplaning is done with a single razor tool and is a very soft shave across the face.

Today reports about the dermaplaning trend and how women everywhere are seeing their estheticians or giving dermaplaning a go in the comfort of their own home. The reason many women choose to perform this procedure at home is due to the high cost, which can sometime be upwards of $250 at the dermatologists. The many Youtube tutorials and affordability of the dermaplaning tools (a pack of 3 goes for about $8 at Sephora) makes it a fairly easy DIY beauty treatment. When performing the treatment on yourself, it is stressed to remember this is not like shaving your legs. When dermaplaning, you put very little pressure on the face and make sure to use a real dermaplaning blade.

Female face shaving is not often talked about since many fear the idea that shaving will cause the hairs to grown back stubbled and thicker. Founder of Dermaflash (a dermaplane inspired tool), Dara Levy explains why women don’t have to worry about their facial “peach fuzz” growing back the way leg hair might. Levy says, “The hair on a woman’s face is called vellus hair (a.k.a peach fuzz) and is soft and fine.” Levy adds, “[Dermaplaning] removes the fuzz just above the surface of the skin and does not (and cannot) impact the growth, color or texture of a woman’s facial hair.”

The benefits of dermaplaning is that it gives women a better surface for applying makeup. Purvisha Patel, founder of Visha Skincare, explains some of the other benefits saying, “Taking off the top layer of dead skin cells helps skin care products absorb better and procedures work better. It also tricks the skin into thinking it’s wounded and boosts collagen production, helping decrease fine lines and wrinkles.”

Have you ever tried dermaplaning?

Does this sound like a beauty treatment you would be willing to try?

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Arizonalady by Arizonalady | TUCSON, AZ
Dec 07, 2019

I started actually shaving my whole face a couple years ago. I like a clean soft face prior to starting my daily regiment. It also makes your makeup look better, that's of course my opinion.

rosegray96 by rosegray96 | Gilbert, AZ
Nov 14, 2019

I would definitely recommend it. My esthetician at Replenish Skin Spa has been recommending it for a while and I finally had it done and I was amazed by the result.

blondwine by blondwine | LANTANA, FL
Nov 05, 2019

I am on the fence about this treatment. I need to do more research.

Kissmekatedelta88 by Kissmekatedelta88 | BROOKLYN, NY
Jul 09, 2019

I am starting to have trouble with my eyes. I might miss some hairs if I did it myself. I think it would be best for me to have it done by a professional if I tried this.

janicealida by janicealida | Boaz, AL
Jul 01, 2019

Deplaning is great and you can to it at home once you have it done at a salon and see the process. Skin looks Beautiful

Renaemakara73 by Renaemakara73 | Owosso, MI
Jun 26, 2019

I have not tried this and I do not think I would. It will make you grow hair faster and darker. I pocs I started shaving just under my chin out of high school. That was 28 years ago and now I do my whole chin and side burns

jjab1999 by jjab1999 | Anahuac, TX
Jun 22, 2019

Interesting. Does it make your facial hair grow faster?

gingrvb by gingrvb | VIRGINIA BCH, VA
Jun 21, 2019

Yes, I would definitely try it! I heard about it years ago and I'm glad it's going more mainstream.

Roscoemom by Roscoemom | PORTLAND, OR
Jun 21, 2019

Interesting. I had not heard of this but I like it!