Why Britain is Considering Blocking Phone Reception Behind the Wheel

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 23, 2016

While many campaigns have warned about the dangers of phone use while driving, Britain is considering putting an end to the possibility of drivers using their phones while behind the wheel. The new technology being considered would actually block the cell signal, rendering phone use impossible while on the road.

Mashable reports about the possible measures Britain is considering to reduce the number of injuries and deaths from phone related traffic accidents. The Department of Transport in Briatin is exploring the idea of utilizing a signal blocking technology that would not allow drivers to make or receive phone calls while the car is in motion. Meetings to discuss the possible measures will occur in the new year.

But in the meantime, their Department of Transportation has already put some measures in place to try and reduce phone use behind the wheel. When drivers are caught using their phone while driving they face fines of a U.S. equivalent to a little over $200 and get 6 points taken off their license. If you happen to be a new driver and get caught using your phone, you may be forced to retake the road test in order to drive again. If you are in an accident while driving and using your phones and the accident results in death, the violator can face a life sentence in jail.

A spokesperson for the Department of Transportation explains how they plan to get even more serious about the crime of phone use while driving. The spokesperson says, “We are determined to crack down on mobile phone use at the wheel. Our plans to double penalties for this serious crime should act as an incredibly strong deterrent. We will continue to explore what more can be done to tackle this crime.”

What do you think of the steps being taken in Britain to put a stop to phone use behind the wheel? Should the U.S.get more serious about driver’s phone use?

Should Britain go forward with their idea to block cell signals for drivers on the road?

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Mhanna416 by Mhanna416 | KNOXVILLE, TN
Dec 23, 2016

I see why they would want to do this but what if an emergency happens and the person cannot. E reached because he is driving. We have phones so that in situations when we need help we ca. Call or others can call us what if someone's child called them needed immediate help but they could not answer and did not even know about it until they were even farther from where they need to actually be

gzc3gzc by gzc3gzc | TEANECK, NJ
Dec 23, 2016

I think its hypothetically an amazing concept for safety but very unrealistic. The world moves at all hours and being accessible makes you more valuable. Many jobs expect you to be available and our daily lives require a specific accountability to our families, friends and colleagues.

DannieLeigh by DannieLeigh | HOLLIS, NY
Dec 23, 2016

I could understand this. I watch people text all the time behind the wheel. Just wait or pull over if it's that important. Save a life including yours.