Why Adding A Little Heat To Your Dish May Be Adding Years To Your Life

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 07, 2015

We may have new reason to spice it up when preparing foods. According to some new research, adding a little heat to recipes not only kicks our food up a notch but it can also boost health. A new study published in the BMJ suggests consuming spicy foods regularly lowers risk of death.

The Washington Post reports about the new evidence linking spicy foods to health benefits and how we can get the most out of our chili peppers. The current study is based on data from the dietary habits of almost 500,000 in China over a period of more than 7 years.

The study’s findings seem especially compelling since scientists looked at such a large group and studied diets from a culture known for its spicy dishes. The study found that both men and women who ate spicy foods between 3 and 7 times a week had a 14% lower chance of death over the 7 year period. And those who ate spicy foods 1 – 2 times a week had a 10% lower risk of death than people who rarely or never ate this type of food.

Spicy food lovers were also less likely to acquire specific diseases like ischaemic heart and respiratory system diseases and cancer. And as far as what types of spices benefit health the most, it seems the fresher the better. Researchers say that those who consume fresh chili pepper in recipes rather than dried chili, sauce or oil had less of a chance of contracting these types of diseases.

Scientists believe that the molecule responsible for giving us that hot sensation in the mouth called capsaicin may play a big role in the health benefits of spicy foods. Authors of the study explain, “The beneficial roles of capsaicin have been extensively reported in relation to anti-obesity, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-hypertensive effects.”

What do you think of the recent study suggesting spicy foods are linked to a lower risk of death?

Do you enjoy cooking and consuming spicy foods?

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SereneFairy by SereneFairy | BRISTOL, PA
Sep 28, 2015

amazing study some days I cooked up spicy food before but the spicy is still a lot for me to handle so I always need water by my side I want to continue eating spicy foods

ceespeaks by ceespeaks | thonotosassa, FL
Sep 20, 2015

My father is Cuban and the foods I grew up with were very spicy. The spicier, the better! :)

RedSpeaks by RedSpeaks | Herscher, IL
Sep 19, 2015

I've read several studies about adding Spicy foods to our diets. Some studies suggest Spicy foods help in weight loss.

sheann by sheann | MCLEAN, VA
Aug 20, 2015

I love spicy food, I always put some jalapeno in my food.

rkosully by rkosully | DOTHAN, AL
Aug 09, 2015

I have learned to like spicy foods, and this gives me a new reason to experiment with cooking them!