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Who's the Better Boss?

SS Member Image By drodriguez 08.04.09
Who's the Better Boss?
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If you had a choice between having a female boss or a male boss, which would you choose?  And would the choice really matter?  A recent article from the New York Times talks to the experts about whether women make better bosses than men in the business world.  What they found out is very interesting. 

Alice Eagley, chairman of social psychology at Northwest University, has done extensive research on managerial behavior.  What Eagley has found out through studies and research is that women bosses are less "bossy" and tend to use a more collaborative and democratic method. Eagley also said, "compared with men, women use a more positive approach by encouraging and urging others rather than a negative approach of scolding and reprimanding them."

Author of How Remarkable Women Lead, Joanna Barsh, reports that women in places of authority can often excel because they tend to look for more meaning in their work than men.  Barsh said that men often go for higher salary and status.  She believes however, that women do need to stop multitasking as they often do, "When you attempt to facilitate a phone conference while doing email, your brain switches between tasks, and you lose focus and energy." 

Women may also have a leg up on their male counterparts because they are good "mind readers".  According to columnist and psychologist, Susan Pinker, women produce more of a hormone called oxytocin that has been proven to make them read people’s expressions and process emotions quicker than men.  After men were given doses ofoxytocin (squirted up their nostrils) they were found to have these "mind reading" skills as well.

What do you think of some of the differences between male and female bosses?

Have you noticed any differences in your work place?

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  • SiLvEr-StArS By SiLvEr-StArS

    This is a Good Blog',. And a Tricky 1. But I do aggree that Women bosses are more caring and organzied, then men bosses are. I Guess it's comes out to be a Girl Power thing!!!!! LOL

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    I think that women do make better bosses because they could be more compassionate towards your feelings more then men. though some of what i am saying is going to be in theory and not trying to lable/stereotype. I have had the pleasure of having both male and females as bosses and I find from my experience, men tend to take gambles more, be more pressured to do things then women are. not to say that women have a better and clear head then men. (again this is from my experience) they tend to be more cautious and test the waters first before diving in in my opinion.

  • CrystalBurgard By CrystalBurgard

    The obvious answer here is the ladies. Think about it - we are typically the ones who juggle the kids and all their activities and schooling, plus the house and often times a job too. We are the ones who have all the birthdays and special occasions for HIS family memorized in addition to our own and they have no clue. We are the ones who have to be the nurturer, nurse, referee, cook, maid, taxi driver and teacher and still make life fun :) It's alot of multi tasking, something the guys just cant do as good as we do. Being the boss carries similar responsibilities to running a household. Yeah, we can get emotional or OCD, but thats not always a bad thing. It can be what motivates and drives us to be better then the guys. From the jobs I have had, I find that the men tend to get sidetracked by boobs. They cant even multi task looking at them and continuing to hold a decent conversation at the same time so I dont know how they could be better bosses then us ;p

  • summersmooothie By summersmooothie

    I really think that men make better bosses. Having experience working under both genders, I found that male bosses keep work exactly what it is: work. They don't start drama or bring in emotions or feelings. Men tend to keep things more professional and strictly so, rather than the women who I worked under who try to be everyones friend and appease everyone, which eventually creates alot of conflict.

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    summersmooothie - that is a good point you bring up. I never thought of the "drama" SOME women bring to the company.

  • sweetbaby_2006us By sweetbaby_2006us

    I think it does not matter you what you are if a men or a women as long as you have the skill to run a business and be a boss. Women boss look more bossy becuase it harder for them to get listen to than men boss.

  • MamaJJ By MamaJJ

    My working experience has been that a female boss with a female administrative assistant can be a rather tricky relationship. Sadly, some women find it difficult to take direction from other women and want to fight back on every suggestion that you give them, especially if they have been working at the organization for a long time and you ,as their boss, are a "newbie". Honestly, I would rather have a male assistant than a female. I know it sounds like I'm criticizing my own gender, but as a person who detests confrontation, I have had some rather unpleasant run-ins with female assistants who would criticize the assignments I provided and were allowed to bad-mouth the entire company! So being a female boss is itself a difficult position to hold!

  • blessedculinary By blessedculinary

    I rather have a female boss because you seem to relate more. With my experience I will take a woman over a man any day.

  • mang0z By mang0z

    I really dont think that you could pick a better gender for the leadership roll. It depends on the individual. Maybe women excell in certain things that men dont but, i think its equally balanced.

  • saralee49509 By saralee49509

    I don't think the work "BOSS" has the any gender for the "meaning" I have had alot of diff kinds of bosses and no matter what male or female I still wan to be on theirgood side!!

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