Who Should Be on the $10 Bill?

Aliza Freud By Aliza Freud 07.06.15
Who Should Be on the $10 Bill?

A few weeks ago Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew said that a new $10 bill, featuring a woman alongside Alexander Hamilton, will be released in 2020, marking the centennial of the ratification of the 19th amendment.  Who should grace the $10 bill along with Alexander Hamilton?  SheSpeaks members weighed in.  The #1 choice, with over 50% of the vote, was Eleanor Roosevelt.

#2 on the list?  Harriet Tubman with 24% of the vote.  Coming in a close 3rd was Rosa Parks with 23% of the vote.  Finally, in 4th was first female cheif of the Cherokee Nation, Wilma Mankiller with just 2% of the vote.

"The US Treasury is finally recognizing that women have done important things for our country and we encourage our community to actively participate in the discussion."
Mashable picked up the results of this SheSpeaks survey which you can see here.


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  • lisabrown By lisabrown

    The bill is perfect as it is, leave it alone.

  • Jennyfr By Jennyfr

    I honestly don't know who I would choose. Plus if a new face is going to be on the bill why leave Hamilton stay on it? Can't it be a woman alone?

  • MrsA2012 By MrsA2012

    A women, simple. Could be anyone of the strong women we have read about through History, but a women for sure.

  • BostonSox By BostonSox

    I would love to see Rosa Parks, but honestly, all of the women on the list are amazing in their own right, so any of them would be great!

  • Jonij45 By Jonij45

    Leave it as is.

  • rscamper1 By rscamper1

    Leave the bill alone

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