When Wine Becomes Habit: How Much is Too Much?

   By drodriguez  Jan 10, 2012

When imagining someone who has a drinking problem you probably picture a person very different from Vogue magazine writer and mother of two young children, Rebecca Johnson. Less than a year ago Johnson wrote a very honest and personal feature in the magazine about how she let her nightly wine drinking “get out of control”. Johnson admits she felt her drinking became a problem, but instead of cutting out all alcohol from her life she went on a quest to try and moderate her habit.

Time magazine recently published an interview with Johnson to see what kind of progress she has made in the last few months learning to change her nightly routine and drink less.

Johnson realized she had a drinking problem when it became rare to go a night without having at least two glasses of wine. Though some find this level of drinking totally acceptable and not a problem, Johnson saw that wine had become her nightly routine that she couldn’t do without. She was having difficulty sleeping and felt “vaguely lousy” the each day.

Johnson’s drinking pattern falls into some sort of grey area of alcohol consumption where there was no imminent disaster looming if she did not do something, but she still felt it was a problem serious enough that she needed to address. With the help of a website, Moderate Drinking, Johnson gave up alcohol for 30 days and then followed steps to drink less.

Johnson talks about the progress she has made learning how to drink less. She says, “I do drink a lot less, and I see that it’s possible not to drink. That was very helpful. That alone will give you a lot of insight about who you are and how you drink.”

Do you or someone you know have a similar drinking pattern?

What do you think of Rebecca Johnson’s chosen method of dealing with her nightly wine drinking?

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