When Shopping For Jeans, Size Really Doesn't Matter

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 28, 2017

If finding the right fit for pants or jeans is a problem for you, it may be more to blame on the way clothes are sized. More and more women are realizing that size seems like more of a suggestion these days as brands use differing sizing charts. For instance, you may take in two different brands in a size 8 and a size 10 in the dressing room and find the size 10 is snug whereas the 8 is too loose.

So, what exactly is going on here? Are fashion designers just messing with our heads? Today reports about one woman’s trip to the dressing room with smartphone in hand to prove that clothing sizes are just not all the same and often don’t make sense. Personal trainer, Sia Cooper, brought two size 5’s in the dressing room - one was a pair of jeans and the other a pair of khaki shorts. Cooper was frustrated to find that the shorts were too tight around the thighs and the jeans too loose around the waist.

She pointed out in a Facebook post that the whole ordeal just goes to show that we obsess way too much about fitting into a specific size when brands tend to all use completely different sizing charts. She writes, “I know...sizing can be super discouraging and society puts this emphasis on a specific size defining our happiness when in reality that size is all based on perception because every single brand has a different sizing chart therefore your body is not going to fit the same in one size from one brand that it will from another brand.”

Cooper, who once dreamed of being a size ‘0’ simply “because all of the models were size 0”, has woken up to the reality that size is just a number and tends to change depending on what brand you’re wearing. She writes, “This is your wake up call and dose of encouragement for the day. Stop worrying about the tag on your jeans and start worrying about how you feel inside. Numbers are just numbers. They don't tell you much! Don't be a number. You're more than a number, friend.”

What has been your experience with finding the right size while shopping?

Do you find sizes tend to vary depending on what brand you try on?

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Jul 04, 2020

Absolutely sizes vary. Its so frustrating.  Im 5' and 105 pounds. Trying to find jeans that fit short enough and small enough in the waist is impossible. I usually have jeans dragging on the ground.

Blueeyedbrunette by Blueeyedbrunette | GASTONIA, NC
Jan 01, 2018

Terrible... jeans are almost as hard to get the fit as swimwear... I'm tall and slender...

MommaBuresh77 by MommaBuresh77 | CRETE, NE
Oct 10, 2017

This is so true. I'll grab at least 3 different sizes of a singular brand to try on, just to get an idea what size I actually need. Finding a pair of jeans that fit is a chore, but I'll spend the time doing it. Then I take the ones that fit and use those to compare to other brands and sizes. I've given up on being a certain size since none of them are close to the same.

BobbieC by BobbieC | WICHITA, KS
Oct 10, 2017

Defiantly. I tried on a pair of jeans in the size I normally buy and they were big in the hips and too tight in the waste. There is a certain pair of jeans that I buy every time and they are no longer carried in Wal-mart. I always have to order them off their website.

Cellardoor by Cellardoor | CHICAGO, IL
Sep 30, 2017

So true, I've lost 67 pounds in 6 months and I have jeans size 16 that are loose, 16 shorts that are very loose, and a 16 jeans in the closet from 15 years ago and not worn, that are still too tight. Different decades different sizes I guess.