When Parents Experience Halloween Costume Confusion

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 26, 2012

Many moms have encountered the son who wants to be Cinderella or the daughter who would like a Spiderman costume for Halloween. Some parents will flat out deny their kids the opportunity to dress in costumes that are often associated with the other gender. Whether it be out of fear that the child will be picked on while trick-or-treating or embarrassment over what neighbors will think, sometimes parents feel they have to put their foot down and not allow the child to dress this way.

A recent episode of ABC’s hidden camera show “What Would You Do?” shows how other moms react in a costume shop when an actor mom gets into an argument with her son who say he wants to dress like a princess. In most instances, the bystanders agree with the mom and feel she should talk her son out of wearing the costume.

In another segment the actor mom’s child is a little girl requesting to be Spiderman for Halloween. Though most shoppers side with the mom in the issue and try to talk the children into wearing more “gender appropriate costumes” one young woman does try to talk the mom into allowing her daughter to be herself and choose whatever costume she wants.

Parents seem to be mixed on the issue of whether they should allow their kids to dress as a different gender on Halloween. Some feel that there is less of a stigma when it comes to girls donning traditional male costumes. One ABC News poll finds that slightly more parents agree that they should allow their young sons to dress in Halloween costumes traditionally worn by girls.

What do you think? Has your son or daughter ever wanted to dress in a costume not traditionally worn by their gender?

Would you allow your son to dress as a princess or your daughter to be Spiderman on Halloween?

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jessinmike02 by jessinmike02 | Nitro , WV
Nov 04, 2012

I have 2 boys, and I would warn them that some other kids may make fun, but if that's what they wanted to be then we would go all out. There is not much of a problem when a girl wears a boy costume so why should there be a problem for a boy? Afterall, Halloween is a time for being something we are not!

corabishop by corabishop | AUBURN, WA
Oct 29, 2012

I would warn first warn him/her that he/she may face ridicule from peers and then go with his/her decision. We all have the right to be individuals.

meema29 by meema29 | nuevo, CA
Oct 28, 2012

Let them dress up as who they want if they are having fun and not hurting anyone!

ioncountry by ioncountry | Madras, OR
Oct 27, 2012

My 3 sons are grown now, but they thought dressing as girls for Halloween was hilarious - if they didn't, maybe one of their friends would and they had a lot of fun "arguing" (while trick or treating) who "her " escort was. If one is comfortable with it, it is their night, why not. I loved it as a pre-teen when my Mom dressed me as a vaquero and NO ONE recognized me.

jtry1953 by jtry1953 | CRANSTON, RI
Oct 27, 2012

Let the child make the choice!!! Age appropriate garb is a must and so what if a little boy chooses to dress in his sister's outgrown Brownie uniform. It's all in good fun. P.S. A friend's son did ths and I honestly DID NOT recognize him even though I saw him nearly every day. Great fun ensued and we all fooled many neighbors that night. We still have many fond memories from that experience and laugh about it every year! Have fun, not conflict.

bamamom5 by bamamom5 | HANCEVILLE, AL
Oct 27, 2012

I think if your child is comfortable with their costume choice, and it is age appropriate, then I don't see a problem with it. After all isn't halloween about having fun?

dovekeeley by dovekeeley | Hermitage, PA
Oct 27, 2012

I think the less of a big deal you make about it the better.

raisingdickandjane by raisingdickandjane | FLINT, MI
Oct 26, 2012

My 2 year old son always dresses up in his sisters costumes. I allow it and treat him the same way I do my daughter, telling him how nice he looks. I want him to feel good about himself and freaking out on him because he wants to wear a costume, but allow my daughter to do it and praise her for it would be confusing to him I think. If he wants to wear a pretty princess costume and it makes him feel happy, them I am all for it.