When Good Haircuts Go Bad

   By Weidknecht  Oct 30, 2011

I recently won a fabulous sweepstakes prize, an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas! It is sponsored by State Farm Insurance and my husband and I will be celebrating four wonderful days in Sin City. It's tied to a basketball experience, so we'll be hanging out and shooting hoops with some basketball legends. We will also get two hours in the spa, a cooking class, and a Garth Brooks concert. Sounds fabulous, doesn't it? I love winning big prizes, especially trips. It's about the only way we take vacations anymore because money is so tight.

I thought it would be a great idea to get a sharp, spiffy new haircut so I don't look like a frumpy mom headed to Vegas. The last haircut I got was perfect. It's actually my current profile picture, with the sides falling just below my jawline and the back brushing my shoulders. So I went back to the same place and settled in to wait my turn. The little Korean man who cut my hair last time called my name and even remembered doing my hair. We chatted while he clipped away. And he clipped some more. And then some more. And then even more. I was starting to get nervous because my glasses were sitting on the counter just out of my reach, and he just kept on cutting. I felt a slight breeze on my neck, the kind that I only feel when my hair is up in a ponytail. Finally he stopped cutting.

I grabbed my glasses and, oh no. Seriously? Really? Wow, that was way more than I bargained for. But what do you say? Put it back on? Once it's cut, the hair is gone. There isn't enough time to let it grow out either. Heavy sigh. So now I'm heading to Las Vegas with a haircut that is too short, slightly uneven, and just not that cute. Lucky for me, my hair is curly so the unevenness is not too apparent, but I really don't like the length or lack of it. I guess I'll take along and use some curl-shaping gel (assuming I can get it through the airport security without being strip-searched for hair gel bomb making materials). Maybe I can find a lovely hat to wear all weekend, although that might look funny on the basketball court. So now I am heading to Vegas looking like a frumpy mom with a bad haircut. I bet you can't wait to see my vacation pictures now!

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basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Nov 02, 2011

Made my palms sweat just reading the title "When Good Haircuts Go Bad." Going to dentist or hair dresser which is scarier? Having a great relationship with your hairdresser is important. I always mark on a comb & discuss with the hairdresser EXACTLY what I mean by a trim so we both agree on what a 1/2 inch is. Same w/ color, I take pics and look at swatches. If the hairdresser doesn't really listen & doesn't provide feedback, and take notes about the process times... that one's not for me. I also don't have my hair done on days I'm stressed, as haircut will come out uneven once your scalp relaxes. No crossing legs either sitting in the chair, one side will be longer once you uncross. Nor do I schedule when either myself or hairdresser is in a hurry. You are paying for a service, I prefer to limit talking so hairdresser is focusing on hair. I think we've all had that bad experience, I wish no one ever had to have it. I hope you had a great vacation though.

Karens1071 by Karens1071 | North Wales, PA
Oct 31, 2011

It sounds like you went to a walk-in type of "salon". I own my salon and with all of us who see new and regular clients there is a talk about what we are going that day. You may pay more at a private salon, but we are worth it;) No matter where you choose to go, just refresh their memory a bit. We can't remember everything.

tammiejohnson by tammiejohnson | GLENCOE, AL
Oct 30, 2011

I am so sorry but don't let it ruin your amazing vacation and yes I for one can't wait to see pics lol.

w2005blc by w2005blc | HENDERSON, NV
Oct 30, 2011

Oh you poor thing. I think most of the time we think it looks worse than it actually is. Enjoy your trip.

laprochaine by laprochaine | STRASBURG, VA
Oct 30, 2011

Oh Lisa that stinks! I dread getting my hair cut. No one ever seems to get it right. I part my long bangs to the side and I ask them everytime not to cut them so short that they impair my vision. What do they do? Cut them directly in my line of vision. Argh!

kristinjackson by kristinjackson | Brooklyn, NY
Oct 30, 2011

Did you have a consultation? That is a very important part about getting a good hair cut, and it is something cheaper hair salons often forget. If you don't communicate what you are looking for in your hair, or bring in pictures it is difficult to get that perfect hair style. Clients often forget that hair stylists have a lot of clients, so when they come in a say " I like what you did last time" isn't much help because we might kind of remember but not remember every tiny detail. Next time you go to a salon bring in a print out of your profile picture if that is the cut that you love and then there will be no question what you are looking for in your hair style.