When Diaper Duty Calls...

   By drodriguez  Mar 25, 2012

Most moms have experienced the moment when they realize their baby needs an emergency diaper change pronto and there happens to be no bathroom equipped with a changing table in site. This situation can get even more difficult if you happen to be in an upscale restaurant or boutique where those around you may not want to get down and dirty with your diaper changing duties.

Though it happens to all of us, there is still no easy solution. Do you stop what you’re doing, find an outdoor bench somewhere out of the way, run home, or just plop the little one on the floor and make the change as quickly as possible pretending those around you are not staring in your direction?

And it’s not just us every day moms that face this diaper changing dilemma, celebs struggle too. A few months ago Today Moms featured a photo of Victoria Beckham changing her littlest one’s diaper smack dab in the middle of a Marc Jacobs store. And back when Britney Spears’ children were in diapers she reportedly made changes everywhere from the floor of a Victoria’s Secret store to restaurant table tops.

What do you do when your baby is in need of a diaper change and there isn’t a changing table in sight?

Share your stories of some of the most difficult places you’ve had to hunker down and change that diaper!

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adtirey by adtirey | FRANKLIN, IN
Apr 06, 2012

If I'm somewhere without a changing table, I change her in the back of our van. Lie down a blanket, plop her down, no harm done. I've had to change her on a bathroom floor once, even with a blanket, and it just felt gross.

JmeJ06 by JmeJ06 | LUBBOCK, TX
Mar 28, 2012

Only once have I been somewhere without a changing table, a restaurant of all places. I ran out to the car and changed LO on the backseat. If I couldn't run out to the car? I guess I would lay his stroller seat back, turn it away from as many people as possible, and get it done as quick as possible.

keeganandjacksmommy by keeganandjacksmommy | MUSKEGON, MI
Mar 26, 2012

on a table in a restaurant?? heck no! in the middle of a store? no! that is gross. and it is not respectful to your little child. change them in a bathroom or go to a fitting room and shut the door. don't just plop down wherever for everyone to see. i have changed my child in my vehicle before at the park when there was no bathroom. but i put a changing pad down and i made sure my child's private parts stayed private.

aliciavarabling by aliciavarabling | VALPARAISO, IN
Mar 26, 2012

worst place EVER is I was at a restaurant with my family and when I went to the bathroom there was no changing table wall attachment...I mean really people!! So I went into the stall for the disabled and lay my jacket on the floor with my daughter on top and changed her as fast as possible...NEVER AGAIN!! The only reason I did it because it was a major stinky poo!!!

GinaLola by GinaLola | ELK GROVE, CA
Mar 26, 2012

I never changed my baby on a tabletop or in a restaurant. If there was a bathroom with no changing table I would put the changing pad down on the floor that was in my diaper bag and change my baby that way. I also would change my babies diaper in the back seat of my car. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. I would feel so bad if my baby got diaper rash because I waited too long because the bathroom did not have a changing table for me to use.

noelrocs by noelrocs | LANCASTER, SC
Mar 25, 2012

um... yeah, this is a touchy subject, since everyone will have very different opinions on this... Me, personally? I do NOT change diapers in public (public=restaurant, store, office.) I don't do this because: It's disrespectful to my child and those around, it's a sure-fire way to spread germs to others and ourselves (need a sink & a place that gets sanitized), and because there's a bathroom *somewhere*. When the situation arises, I either find a restroom or go home--just depends on the severity of it and where I'm located. I have NEVER changed a diaper on a tabletop or on public seating. I always carry sanitizer, wipes, and paper towels, & bags in the diaper bag. I honestly don't even change diapers in front of company at my own house; privacy & personal space is important for both baby and guests.

trippinbugs by trippinbugs | FAIRPORT, NY
Mar 25, 2012

Why is it such a struggle.....this is what a changing pad is for.....gotta go? Then ya gotta go!