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  • ima_lil_galaxy By  ima_lil_galaxy    

    Pretty awesome if you love this flavor combo, I'm not a fan of it as I don't like tomato. It's great to top with mozzarella cheese and will please even those who don't like tomato because the tastes aren't overpowering.

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  • CTCarra By  CTCarra    

    One of my favorite wheat thin flavors. I love eating this with garlic hummus or by themselves. Great flavor.

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  • SavannahBeth By  SavannahBeth    

    I like Wheat Thins, and I like sundried tomato and basil, so why did I NOT like these? For starters, the sundried tomato-and-basil flavor did not quite go with the sweet, wheaty/malty flavor of the Wheat Thins. (I think it would be better with something saltier or more neutral, like Triscuits). The overall flavor was too sweet, poorly balanced, and slightly "artificial."

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  • shalunya By  shalunya    

    I love these! At first I thought they were a bit overpowering but now I can't get enough! It's a grown up version of nacho cheese Doritos with explosive flavor. They are great with dips and sauces or all by themselves. A must have for family gathering, parties, road trips, or anyday!

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  • rachelandshawn By  rachelandshawn    

    My favorite snack cracker by far. Love them!!

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  • queenb1 By  queenb1    

    I LOVE WHEAT THINS!!! they are a healthier alternative to chips. i love them with hummus or just as they are.

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  • honeebop By  honeebop    

    The flavor is so intense and I can never have enough of these wheat thins.

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  • Lorelfs1 By  Lorelfs1    

    These are really good. They are great by themselves but also go nicely with cheese and other dips. A great alternative to a plain cracker.

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  • sherrikay By  sherrikay    

    I love these crackers and have them on hand all the time! WIsh they cuold make them reduced fat like the originals.

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  • summerbreeze72 By  summerbreeze72    

    One or two is ok but they have waaaaaaaay to much seasoning on them

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  • JDucl1982 By  JDucl1982    

    Since I got these as a sample in the mail months ago, I have been hooked! I've always loved Wheat Thins and have bought them on and off for years when I had a craving for something salty yet somewhat on the healthier side. However, I've recently come across a newer flavor that Wheat Thins has put out - Sundried Tomato & Basil. This loaded-with-flavor variety of Wheat Thins is by far one of the best cracker flavors I have ever tried. I eat them alone (and eat a whole box in one sitting!), I dip them in cottage cheese for a snack, and sometimes I make super mini pizzas by topping them with tomato sauce and shredded cheese and heating them in the microwave. The only downside to these is that they can be a bit too salty or have too much seasoning on some crackers. If they offered a low sodium variety or a low fat variety of these, then that would really make them better. However, they are so good that I could ultimately eat a whole box within a day or two, therefore I can't always keep them around or I would eat them all the time.

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