What's Your Sign?

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What's Your Sign?

People will probably be asking the question, “What’s your sign?” a little more often in days to come.  And with light being shed on some recent information, you may not know how to answer.  Astronomy instructor, Parke Kunkle, let us all in on some old (but new to us) news when he did an interview for the Star Tribune of Minneapolis last Sunday.  He revealed that the Earth is no longer in line with the stars in the same way it was thousands of years ago when the signs of the zodiac were named.  What this means is that the current dates we have assigned to our astrological signs are incorrect.

News of the realigned signs has left many horoscope fans confused about which sign they should think of themselves as.  Many astrologers have become angry of the new assignment of sign dates and have vowed to simply ignore the news.  Astrologer, Jim Sher, told USA Today that he believes the latest news disclosed by an astronomer was an attempt to make astrologers look ignorant.  Another astrologer, Craig Martin, says he was well aware of the news before the interview was published.  Martin says, “We do know about this.  It’s unlikely the astrology community is going to accept what an astronomer is trying to put on them.”

What does all of this mean for you?
  Well, you may not actually be the Taurus or Sagittarious you thought you were.  In fact, your sign may be something entirely different that you’ve never even heard (and may have trouble pronouncing).  They’ve added a 13th sign, due to the revelation of another constellation, named Ophiuchus, the “Serpent Bearer”.  

Have a look below to see if your sign has changed:

Capricorn: Jan. 20th - Feb. 16th
Aquarius:  Feb. 16th - March 11th
Pisces:  March 11th - April 18th
Aries:  April 18th - May 13th
Taurus:  May 13th - June 21st
Gemini:  June 21st - July 20th
Cancer:  July 20th - Aug. 10th
Leo:  Aug. 10th - Sept. 16th
Virgo:  Sept. 16th - Oct. 30th
Libra:  Oct. 30th - Nov. 23rd
Scorpio:  Nov. 23rd - Nov. 29th
Ophiuchus:  Nov. 29th - Dec. 17th
Sagittarius:  Dec. 17th - Jan. 20th

What do you think of the latest news that our astrological signs have changed?

Will this change the way you read your daily horoscope?

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  • Beaniesmom By Beaniesmom

    I was a Leo until i read this article, now I'm a Cancer. I guess I need to stop roaring, and start pinching....!! I'll have to read up on how to act....:)

  • mammamoy By mammamoy

    My whole life I was a Sagittarius, now I'm a what?? Serpent bearer, what #!** does that mean? Am I a serpent or something else. What are their characteristics? Who's idea was this anyway?

  • w2005blc By w2005blc

    I think this is crazy that they are changing this now!

  • lulume2 By lulume2

    This is confusing... Since when did I become Virgo... I don't like this type. Does it matter what year you were born on?

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    So, does it matter what year you were born? What if your sign has always been NEON?

  • mistrixst By mistrixst

    it only changes for those born after 1999

  • tashar27 By tashar27

    This is just rediculous.. Why cant they just leave things alone..

  • MizQue_ By MizQue_

    Astrology is nonsense anyway, and this proves it. All those charts with advice and predictions done under the wrong sign!

  • ramanama99 By ramanama99

    I've been hearing different things about this. Some people say it only affects people born after 2009 and some say it affects everyone. I've been pretty much ignoring it until it becomes mainstream.

  • browneyes78 By browneyes78

    I have always been a Virgo so I don't plan to change that now. I am "true to my sign" as mikkierwin said.

  • hoodr81 By hoodr81

    all these years i was a leo now i am a cancer

  • RissaG By RissaG

    Next they are gonna say each sign have the traits of one or more signs.

  • mikkierwin By mikkierwin

    I am a Scorpio heart and soul! True to my sign. I can't imagine being anything different. This is so not fair! I feel like I've had my identity stolen!

  • sheloves By sheloves

    i always knew my husband seemed more like a gemini then a cancer and now he really is a gemini WOW

  • dtownraleighgirl By dtownraleighgirl

    They would have to change the meaning of the signs for this to be true! Now I am supposed to be a Virgo, but I am 100% Libra through and through!!!

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