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What's Kate Bosworth Doing Hawking Jewelry?

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What's Kate Bosworth Doing Hawking Jewelry?

Even though she’s an A-list actress, Kate Bosworth is oddly enough hawking jewelry these days. Kate has teamed up with celebrity stylist pal, Cher Coulter to launch the new site, where you can shop Coulter’s celebrity-approved jewelry at a discounted member rate. We’re not going to judge Kate for hawking the gems ? she has impeccable taste, and if we can shop her hand-picked jewelry, we’ll take it.

These trinkets usually retail for over $100, but for $29.99 a month, you’ll receive one piece of your choosing. If Kate’s opinion isn’t enough, share potential purchases over Facebook and Twitter to get your friend’s insight.

"there is no pull quote"

Follow the easy instructions, then straight off the runway, celebrity-approved pieces like this dramatic Burning Star Bracelet ($109).

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  • Laura116 By Laura116

    I would prefer to buy jewlery when I want, not be locked into this, but if you are someone who spends this much every month, I guess it would be fine

  • MyEmptyCanvas By MyEmptyCanvas

    Hmmm $29.99 a month ... ehhh ... not really worth it to me in the long run, but then again ... I do not really buy jewelery that much - especially not online.

  • tori20 By tori20

    Interesting idea. However for me... I prefer to select jewelry when I have a desire to create a special item.

  • lgs001 By lgs001

    Ditto. I prefer to choose my own.

  • nvanlaanen By nvanlaanen

    the selection was poor for my personal taste, i signed up and it looks like your shopping at H&M. I cant speak to quality, but a lot of the pieces are very big statement pieces

  • JustFenix By JustFenix

    My big problem is that one of the rings they sent me a link for, I have owned for about 8 years. I bought it when I sold jewelry because it was such a unique cut on the stone and the wholesale cost on that ring was maybe $7.00 purchasing thru US distributor which I hardly believe that this group is doing. I don't even mind the 400+% mark-up but please don't try to convince me that it retailed for over $100. Basically it comes down to this. If you have a great product, you don't need to lie to sell it.

  • yamagirl By yamagirl

    Not worth it to me !!

  • terri25 By terri25

    The jewelry is not that pretty and really over priced. Target has better jewelry and a lot less expensive.

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