What is your passion?

   By purplerosecharm  Sep 07, 2011

 Do you have something that you are really passionate about? And, when you start doing it, you feel like that you can do it continuously without a break? I do. I used to be drown in the pool of arts and crafts since I was a kid. Seriously, I started drawing when I was 3, before I could write ABC. Too bad that my mom had not kept some of my early piece of "arts". Otherwise, I would definitely put it next to my daughter's drawing and see how much they look similar.

This passion of drawing expanded to all kinds of arts and crafts projects. I made handmade greeting cards, paper dolls (yes, those with numerous clothes and accessories to mix and match, I made tons of them myself to play with my sister), sewing, knitting, crochet...then I was fascinated by making ceramics. I learned hand crafting, then wheeling, from simple cups to completed teapots, from little bottles to big vases. When I studied journalism in college, I fell in love with photography which is still one of my favorite hobbies - I take photos almost everyday now.

However, ever since I became a mom of 2, I suddenly stopped all my arts & crafts activities because I have a more important thing to do - taking care of my kids. In the first 2 years in their lives, I sometimes felt lost. When I breastfed my kids, I thought that I was nothing more than a milk supplying machine (maybe more exactly a milk cow). When they grew up a little bit, I felt that I was even more engaged on motherhood. But, who is me other than the 2's mom? I was not even a qualified wife as I spent so much time with my kids.

Now, when they are 5 and 4 now and they become so interested on doing arts & crafts, my inner arts-and-crafts fairy has been awakened. I draw with them, make crafts with them, look for all kinds of beautiful stuff that we can use for arts & crafts with them. My daughter's hair becomes longer and longer, I braid it everyday with different styles and it is an unique way to bond with my little girl. Then, she wants some hair clips and I learned making different types through watching how-to videos in YouTube. This gives me a new challenge on finding some arts & crafts projects that can fit with my current status - being a mom and being a passionate crafter. 2 days ago, I discovered 2 new craft ideas - paper craft using parchment paper and Japanese Kanzashi flower craft. My arts and crafts passion, suddenly, has been wakened and I have tons of ideas on how to braid my girl's hair, what combination of ribbons to use for making hair clips, what pattern I would make for the parchment paper craft, etc. I feel like that I am young again, just like the me 20 years ago, feeling so free and so dedicated to create something personalized. And these new crafting activities fit my status of being a mother, I definitely can involve my kids when I am doing my favorite crafts.

Have you recently found any new passion or have you maintained your old one? Did you see a change of your habits because of change of status? No matter what kind of habits I have, I always feel so solid inside me when I concentrate on sharpening my skills to make something better and better.

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