What Your Summer Barbecue Is Missing, But We've Got You Covered! Plus a $100 Walmart Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 07.19.18
What Your Summer Barbecue Is Missing, But We've Got You Covered! Plus a $100 Walmart Giveaway!

When you think about the word summer, what are the first things that pop into your head? Maybe it's jumping into a pool, basking in the sun, or curling up with a good book. But what always hits the top of our summer favorites list, is grilling up delicious summer BBQs with friends and family.

You simply can't beat it-- a summer BBQ is delicious, easy to prepare, and everyone seems to love them! But there's so much to buy, it's nearly impossible not to forget something.

Lucky for you, we've made it extremely easy to get everything you need all in one place! Check out the handy shopping tool from Walmart below. Then tell us what you think and you'll be entered to win a $100 Walmart gift card!

Below is a list of barbecue items that you might forget, such as paper plates, paper towels, ketchup, chips and more.

  1. Go ahead and pick everything you need and the quantity you want.
  2. When you are done, click "Add Items to Cart" and your items will go into a shopping cart on Walmart.com. (Nothing will actually be ordered until you check out on Walmart.com.)
  3. Buy the hotdogs, hamburgers, and produce the day of, and you've got yourself an awesome summer barbecue. It's that easy!

ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: We're interested to hear your thoughts on this new cool shopping tool from Walmart.com. When you click the list below, you will be able to check out how it works. Then comment below to tell us if the experience was easy and helpful!

Everyone who clicks through and comments below will be entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Walmart.

Sounds like whoever wins is going to be cooking up an amazing barbecue... We just hope we can grab an invite!


*One SheSpeaks member who enters will be chosen at random to receive a $100 Walmart gift card. Giveaway is open through August 5th, 2018 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

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  • tatflintmich By tatflintmich

    Of course you're invited!  It's going to be soooo delicious!!! Come hungry <3

  • gmoney1951 By gmoney1951

    I try to keep a walmart shopping list on my phone but using this app would be so much better. I always forget something. The other day got ever thing in the car half way home and remember 3 items that I did not buy, Had to stop at another store.

  • jwantink By jwantink

    This is a neat program Walmart is offering!

  • daisydawn By daisydawn

    I love anything that makes shopping quicker. I would use this.

  • Couponsforme22 By Couponsforme22

    I like the convenience of the new shopping tool from Walmart! It saves me time! Andysavi.Mom@gmail.com

  • musicrow By musicrow

    Walmart has outdone itself!

  • musicrow By musicrow

    My list runneth over!

  • girlygirl567 By girlygirl567

    I like this new tool. Makes shopping easy and fun.

  • ecollins86 By ecollins86

    This is very easy to use!

  • HelloAnnaH By HelloAnnaH

    I LOVE online shopping. I can make sure I don't forget anything, because I'll have my list right here. No more rushing through the store because my 2 year old is getting antsy trying to climb out the cart, and 6 year old just can't stop getting distracted by all the things in the store :) It's very user friendly, easy to click and add to list, I like that it shows me the price, nothing to hide!

  • wendy1214 By wendy1214

    Time to plan a picnic! This will make it so easy

  • chelsea11 By chelsea11

    Well, this makes shopping at Walmart.com a lot easier!

  • Erin406 By Erin406

    This is super easy! I would love to have these simple lists whenever I order groceries online.

  • krishnac By krishnac

    It is very easy to navigate through and find all you need for BBQ at one place and there you is no chance you will forget anything. Till the add cart everything worked perfectly but view cart option doesn?t work. It ended with an error. It would have been great if it would have worked

  • Brittany8977 By Brittany8977

    Good idea works a lot faster.

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