What You Wear Around Your Wrist Can Help You Eat Healthier

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 22, 2014

It may look like your every day wristband, but Jawbone’s new food-tracking device is much smarter than your average bracelet. The company’s system called Up is adding many features to its wearable device than can help health conscious users in their every day quest to consume healthy foods and get enough exercise.

Reuters reports about Jawbone’s new food-tracking app that works alongside their wristband. We’ve heard about the smart cup and the smart fork, but Jawbone’s Up offers users a wider array of information from logging beverage and food consumption to checking calorie counts at restaurants. The wristband comes with an app that works alongside your smart phone to track data and offer up a food library that can make it easier to order healthier options at restaurants.

On top of tracking our food and water consumption, the Up wristband can also count the steps we take each day and the time we sleep. Jawbone’s spokesman Andrew Rosenthal explains how the extra features on Up can benefit users. He says, “Now, we can track the calories you consume and burn.” He also explains how the added features on Up puts all the data into context for users.

What do you think of the new additions Jawbone is adding to their food-tracking wristband?

Would you consider using a device like this to help you make healthier decisions?


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slysam by slysam | CORVALLIS, OR
Sep 17, 2014

I have been wearing a Fitbit One and find it helps me make healthier choices. The One isn't a wrist band. My issue with the wrist bands is that I think I would be less likely to use it consistently it doesn't go with some of my outfits. I am kind of curious about up's food tracking. Do you take pictures of the food?

LoriR13 by LoriR13 | BROWNSTOWN, MI
Sep 07, 2014

I've been wanting one for awhile, but I've been looking at the fitbit. I will have to check out jawbone now, it seems to be more fitting for me.

twentythree23 by twentythree23 | Myrtle Beach, SC
Jul 31, 2014

well worth the try!!!

rkosully by rkosully | DOTHAN, AL
Jul 30, 2014

I have been wearing a Jawbone UP band for nearly a year now, but I primarily use it for tracking my activity and sleep. Maybe I'll start using the food tracking parts as well. Thanks for the info.

6pennies by 6pennies | SPRINGFIELD, PA
Jul 29, 2014

but with the new additions jawbone has added and upgraded it I would consider trying it out again. the one I was using was not the new addition version

6pennies by 6pennies | SPRINGFIELD, PA
Jul 28, 2014

I had 3 of them malfunction on me so I am not to please with jawbone up band.

amymacc by amymacc | WILMINGTON, DE
Jul 26, 2014

It may not be the whole answer but sounds like it could steer you in the right direction.