What Girls Want to Know with Your YouTube Bestie Hailey Sani

Hailey Sani

What Girls Want to Know with Your YouTube Bestie Hailey Sani

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From a very early age, Hailey had an interest in storytelling and sharing her perspective with others online. Originally from Turkey, Hailey’s family moved around a lot when she was a kid, and with that came changing schools, friends, and everything else that comes with that kind of transition. So Hailey has been experiencing different cultures and groups of people her entire life, which influences the content she creates every day. With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, Hailey’s message has resonated with people from different backgrounds all over the world, and Hailey has aspirations to continue the conversations she has on her channel in the future.

Episode Highlights:

8:02 - All about “TMI Girl Talk”

15:11 - How parents can approach their kids about cultural and societal behaviors

17:59 - Hailey’s truth bomb about responsibility, safety, and more


More about Hailey

Hailey Sani doesn’t shy away from topics that affect girls and women especially, and this has led to Hailey’s great success online across two channels - one in English and one in Turkish. More than talks about growing up and changing bodies, Hailey has conducted interviews with experts and advocates on topics like safety, consent, self-care, mental health, and sexual well-being.

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Hailey Sani
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