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  • ddazee By  ddazee    

    I bought this palette many, many years ago after reading so many good reviews on it. Once I tried it out however, I was slightly disappointed because the look I created using solely this palette looked like a shimmery, frosty mess. After playing with this palette some more I realized that it's more of an amazing supplement to my other eyeshadows as highlighters. It's also a pretty versatile palette because you can use the shades in this to highlight your face as well, much like Bobbi Brown's shimmer bricks but at a fraction of the cost. This palette quickly became my staple highlighting palette with a nice range of colors to compliment many looks as well as many skintones. This palette is a must-have if you use it right, and is especially great for the price.

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  • grimdefeat09 By  grimdefeat09    

    One of the first palettes I've ever own, and I still have it. The shadows are incredibly pigmented! And has a great color payoff. I really enjoyed this palette it's sad they discontinued it.

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  • dashusic97 By  dashusic97    

    this was my all time favourite pallet, so so sad it's discontinued... you can still find it at stores like ross or tjmaxx for a low price and if you do see it, buy it! its great!

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  • dudsi17 By  dudsi17    

    This is like the best drugstore palette ever. The shadows are really creamy and not powdery but it's also VERY shimmery. I would suggest to purchase this if you ever see it anywhere else because it is discontinued. =(

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  • glittergoddess By  glittergoddess    

    Just heard this pallet is being discontinued so better hurry and grab them up!

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