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  • Love_without_limits By  Love_without_limits    

    Good snack, bad mess

    This device makes great popcorn, though it's a bit more of a nuisance than the microwave kind. The first time my boyfriend and I used it we put to much oil in it, the second time we put to many kernels in it (boy that was a mess). When it's all said and done the popcorn is delicious but it's just doesn't cancel out the clean up

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  • BethBakes By  BethBakes    

    The popcorn turns out well, but cleaning and storing difficulties make it pointless to purchase especially when ask I need to do is take a paper bag, measure a scant third of a cup of popcorn kernels put a teaspoon or so of oil over the kernels, dump that into the bag, fold down the top and microwave for 2 mins

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  • Maryberry By  Maryberry    

    Good popcorn this makes

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  • Biancaarevalo By  Biancaarevalo    

    Works well but poor quality. I use it and then quickly hide it away

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  • bridgetem By  bridgetem    

    I have had this corn popper for a two years and it works great, and the popcorn is the best, but I think it is cheaply made. It is pretty inexpensive, but I have had to replace the stirring mechanism and the bowl already. The bowl started cracking like it couldn't withstand the heat. If it would have been higher quality, I would have given it more stars. The popcorn is definitely delicious though :)

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