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  • taletreader By  taletreader    

    This is not a typical book I would read. However, I have been battling multiple chronic illnesses for nearly all my life, and this book was like a miracle in my hands. As of late, I have been having a lot of spiritual doubt. The worst is that chronic illness affects your family and friends as well, and having heard my father say, "If there was a God, why would you still be sick?" seemed to pull me down into my doubt even more. When I saw this book, I thought I would give it a try. I'm not the most spiritual person, but I do have an intimate relationship with God. I have found that I do tend to rely on him most when I am in a bad situation, and this book even confirmed the theory that most people do the same. What I didn't expect from this book was to be so informed. The best thing I probably took away was how to create a daily list--multiple lists--of whatever needs to be done, how your health is, etc. Another thing was to treat yourself daily. This, I tend to forget, especially since I am typically caught up in volunteer work or helping other chronically ill friends. I'll remember it from now on. The reason I said this book was like a miracle is that, because of my depressed mood lately and worsening symptoms, I needed something to guide me in the right direction. This book did exactly that. While I could have done without the tiring last chapter of scriptures, I still found a few that I will take to heart. I'm grateful that this book is available, and will be having my mother read it next. *I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.


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