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We are #SheSpeaksGrateful. Enter to Win a $50 Donation to the Charity of Your Choice

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 04.15.20
We are #SheSpeaksGrateful. Enter to Win a $50 Donation to the Charity of Your Choice
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In a recent survey, we asked you, our members, who you are grateful for. Your responses inspired us so much that we had to share.

Read on to find out who is helping our members get through this time. Then enter to win the #SheSpeaksGrateful giveaway to win a $50 donation to the charity of your choice.

Grateful for... everyday heros

Grateful for all the doctors, nurses, police, garbage men, store clerks, mailmen, utility workers, farmers, farm workers, food donors and all other ordinary people who are still working to help heal, feed, defend, repair all of us sheltering in place.  - motherng

I have recently been diagnosed with covid and I'm so grateful that my doctor knew exactly what to do and what to say. I was so scared and she gave me her own cell number and told me to call no matter the time. ... -  MimiLisa

I'm grateful for the doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, sanitation workers, delivery workers, teachers, mailman, stores, banks and others that are essential workers that are working on the front lines.  There are not enough words to say THANK YOU!!!! - beautylover16

Surprisingly I work in a hospital on the  frontline, around the sickness and sadness and death, however its also the place I'm most grateful to be be on most days because I can actually DO SOMETHING there and not feel completely helpless...  I get to also witness the good moments like taking our first COVID19 patient off the respirator and sending him home to be with his family! - Rcount3

Grateful for... family

I am especially grateful that this situation has shifted my priorities and I am now focusing more on spending time with my kids, having meaningful conversations and sharing quality time as a family. - paulabendfeldt

I am currently pregnant and thankful to my sister in law who checks in on me and baby to be sure we are doing well even though we are unable to have friends and family around during this time. - Denille

My son who has taken over shopping and running errands for me since I'm not able to get out.  He lives at home and is still working during the pandemic.  He takes care of.these things in his days off and does it without complaining.  I am so.grateful for all he does. - coffeequeen

Grateful for my husband who has kept me grounded through all of this! And for my baby who is too young to know what is going on and is always smiling and making me laugh. - ashleyeringunn

Grateful for... community

I am an ICU RN, so the stress lately has been overwhelming at times. A woman that I barely know sewed twenty-five masks for me and other healthcare workers at the hospital... She sat them out on her porch for me to pick up, and as she stood on the other side of the glass front door of her home, she prayed over me. It was so touching and I am forever grateful for her kindness. - vette599

I am grateful for my local church. They have gone above and beyond to make sure the community and others are good. They have delivered food to many families, donated many toiletries and household items to many families and money. They have checked in with everyone and prayed with us all. They have been truly amazing and have gave me so much hope in this time. - Briellesmom16

I get very uplifted by how people are helping each other -- neighbors checking on/delivering food for neighbors, craft people making items; the incredible ingenuity in creating viable alternatives to ventilators, face shields, etc. for hospitals; the generosity of people giving to help... - PanhandleJen

When a neighbor across the street asked (texted) how we were doing - because they knew we were self-isolating - and holding up, and our response was we were well, but sure missed fresh produce. The next day, they texted to say they dropped off some fruits and vegetables on our doorstep. When I went out to check, I saw 4 large grocery bags, stuffed full of every kind of produce I could possibly use. The emotions that washed over me were staggering. Their thoughtfulness overwhelmed me. - photoe

I'm grateful for the people writing fun messages and drawings on the sidewalks paths with chalk.  They make me smile! - carrotrunr

Who - or what - are you grateful for? Tell us for the chance to win a $50 donation to the charity of your choice!

#SheSpeaksGrateful Giveaway
*One member will be chosen at random to select a charity to receive a $50 donation, provided that the charity is a certified charity and that the donation can easily be made online. Giveaway is open through May 3rd, 2020 to U.S. residents at least 18 years of age. Entrants must be a member of SheSpeaks. If you are not a member, click here to join. Winner will be notified by email.

Update: Thanks to all who entered! Congrats to our winner, SheSpeaks member  illyjns.

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  • mkds41074 By mkds41074

    I am grateful for my family 

  • mcasella By mcasella

    I am grateful that my family is healthy. I am grateful that my job is essential and I am still able to get a paycheck.

  • mkfoltz By mkfoltz

    I'm grateful for my family.

  • pmencin By pmencin

    I am grateful for my neighbor, who has been keeping us all upbeat with positive sidewalk chalk messages and little gifts!

  • LABeachGal By LABeachGal

    I'm so grateful for my family!

  • Magyyy20001 By Magyyy20001

    I am grateful for the doctors and nurses on the front line. I am grateful to our govenors for their leadership right now. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful to Jesus 🙏😇

  • cknittel1 By cknittel1

    Grateful both me and my family are healthy. I am lucky. 

  • JoshuahMom5812 By JoshuahMom5812

    I am greatful for my fiance, son, and future stepdaughter

  • JoshuahMom5812 By JoshuahMom5812

    I would like my 50.00 to be donated to my local hospital front lines nurse.Barnes Jewish hospital here in Saint Louis, MO.

  • daholte By daholte

    I am grateful for all the hardworking service workers keeping shelves stocked, stores open, and public services operating.

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