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   By SheSpeaksTeam  May 07, 2014

We just couldn't let Member Appreciation Month end without thanking you for the engaging and insightful comments you've been making on our blogposts! We have had such a blast reading all of them.

Whether they've been about Basketball Championships, Ball Gowns, Julius Caesar, School Memories, or any of the assorted topics we share, your posts are the glue of our community, and we appreciate each one of them! Thank You!

"When I got married, we were fortunate enough to have a 24 piece big band perform at our reception, and we danced our first dance to "God Bless the Child" and it was magical. That song, along with so many incredible classics performed by both Billie Holiday AND Ella Fitzgerald, always made me well up with emotion, many years before I got married. They opened their hearts and bared their very souls through their voices in every song they sang, for anyone who would listen." - chicallure  
"The very first day of first grade. It's when I met my best friend Shelly. She was crying when her mother brought her into class the first day.....her mom saw me and told her...."See that girl over there with the long hair, sit next to her she looks nice!"......best buds ever since" - DevlshDamsel    
 "Dan Jansen Wins Gold At Last I remember when this happened. It was so moving and amazing! I felt so proud to be an American and I felt SO happy for Dan Jansen. I don't know how anybody had a dry eye watching that. When he held his daughter, that was it. Bawled." - OhLaLaChrissy    


"You know you have found your true love when he'll get out of bed on a Saturday morning at 6am and patiently spend 90 minutes working the round brush that you got hopelessly stuck out of your hair. And never once suggesting just getting the scissors and cutting the damn thing out. That my dear shespeaks friends, is a keeper." - llittizzio  
"I loved laughing to all of these, and thanks for reminding me that laughing is great for the soul and your health! I will be laughing more after watching all of these, but I would have to say my favorite two are Ellen and Hannibal! They talk about things that are so true, and remind me of things I do too, but that are hilarious! :)" - briluv50    
 "Hilary Swank in Guy Laroche - 2005. I love that it's all serious in the front, then BOOM, the party is in the back. I like Navy blue too." - Keonte    
'My favorite 'school' memory happened yesterday. My daughter started her first teaching job yesterday. She was so excited....she even sent a first day of school picture. :)' - aldoug    
"In kindergarten my teacher was Mrs Johnson she was always so happy until tNovember 22, 1963 ... Our principle announced that our President JFK had just been assassinated, Mrs. Johnson fell to her knees sobbing, when my mom picked me up she too was sad, I was looking at some old jewelry that my mom gave me after her Aunt died. On Monday my mom dropped me off I laid the ring on her desk she said please don't be sad again, she asked if my mom knew that I was giving her the ring, I said no, she smiled.. A few days later Mrs Johnson called my mom &said did you know that Patti gave me a ring? My mom said no, My teacher then told my mom well this isn't junk jewelry !! My teacher said she had shown it to her brother who was a jeweler and he said it was real sapphire and diamond ring worth over $1500, my mom said without hesitation well Mrs Johnson you are a very lucky woman!" - tjmasi1  
"My absolute favorite gown was Lizzy Gardiner wearing a gown made of 254 expired American Express Cards! Truly unforgettable" - KouponKat    
"Wow I didn't realize that there were so many different type of daisies. I am pretty much in love with the blue daisies!" - Penguinsangel    
"I love the story of how these pearls are made! They are so beautiful but they come from oysters. They look so incredible beautiful and elegant!" - cstephrun    
"When I was 5 year old my dad , who was in the Air Force, was stationed at a new base in the middle of the school year. I was terrified to go to a brand new school all alone. I had bright red hair and looked like Pippi Longstockings! I will always remember going to that classroom and being introduced by the teacher to all those staring eyes. The class was full so I would have to have desk brought in and was just about to cry when as little girl who had the prettiest jet black hair came up to me took my hand and said "you can have my desk and be my best friend". That was 30 years ago and today she is still my best friend in the world.- laurie54  


"I think one of my favorite memories of school was when I was in about 5th grade. I was given an assignment to collect 100 wild flowers, press them and put them in a book and label them. I spent the next several weekend drive around with my parents, up and down country roads searching for these flowers. Then many hours looking in the library trying to identify them. All this before computers. I end up getting about 80 different flowers and A+ on the project. I was the only one in my class the worked so hard and had the most flowers. Most kids only had like 20 flowers. I kept the project for many yrs, but the time is spent with my mother and father was the best. My father was then kill in a car accident about a year later. I may not remember any names of those flowers but I remember the time with my parents, thanks to that teacher" - only1tyanna
"I enjoyed reading Luster of Pearls because of the knowledge I learned. Who knew about all this information on the various pearls. I certainly didn't, However, there were other blogs I truly enjoyed  Wee Bit Irish and Easter Bonnets. I have to say, I am very impressed with the research and time spent on the blogs. Thank you for sharing knowledge and entertainment." - brandy824
"Can never say enough about Ella Fitzgerald and her version of "It Don't Mean A Thing." I love it, and gotta have it every chance I get and I do have it in my home collection so I hear it often. Great offering too! Thanks for all you do and offer. You rock!" - sthurberyoung
"This will be a really special Thanksgiving for me. In April of this year I was reunited with my father whom I have not seen since I was about 2 years old. He is in a Veterans Home and is now 76 years old. My husband and I travel over an hour every week to see my Dad and we spend hours with him on every visit. Dad is missing parts of his memory due to dementia and doesn't always know who I am but he does know how much my husband and I care. This Thanksgiving will be the first time that I have spent this day with my Dad.....and I will remember it always!" - Jennyfr
"Of course its sweet 5 yr old Claire, I was in tears from laughing and crying. It's beautiful what she did for her parents, how that little boy was looking at her confused most of the time. Since January 5th is my birthday, I know I'm a winner. (smiley face)" - hrvstym
"I think the Pope resigning and Pope Francis being chosen was the best moment! I'm not even Catholic, but I LOVE the new Pope's values and feel this was a huge (and riviting) story!" - cycoswwmn
 "My 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, was the most compassionate woman I ever met. When I was in the 3rd grade, she died of cancer at a young age. We had a memorial for her at school. The entire school released balloons into the sky in her honor. We were also served apples that were cut in half horizontally to reveal the star shape that the seeds make when an apple is cut that way - something she taught all of the first grade students in her class. At my high school graduation, her widowed husband surprised me by attending. He approached me and said, in tears, "Do you remember me?" I was overwhelmed. I was no longer attending the private school any longer and was attending a high school about 20 miles away from my elementary school. He said he tracked down all of her students and made sure that he attended all of their graduations, because he knew that Mrs. Smith would have done it and he wanted to live that dream for her. It was totally unexpected and made my graduation SO special." - vette599


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