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  • sykick By  sykick    

    Love it

    Great spin on a story we all grew up hearing and reading. We've watched it a few times, and every watching reveals just a little bit you miss the last time.

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  • Babyface10 By  Babyface10    

    Too confusing.

    This movie was so confusing that I couldn't keep up with what is going on in this movie. My husband mom and brother thought it was confusing too. My husband kept trying to fill us in on what was happening.

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  • Blondy4life2005 By  Blondy4life2005    

    I really liked this movie. More of a modern day twist to a rather old story.

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  • ShaelaNeal By  ShaelaNeal    

    Family friendly movie. It was really cool watching a remake of a movie I enjoyed as a child. Has lots of action

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  • Achoffmeister By  Achoffmeister    

    Great movie. My kids really enjoyed it. I would recommend this movie to anyone

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  • meAlinaandI By  meAlinaandI    

    This Movie was ok, would be a good for family night!

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  • newhope14 By  newhope14    

    Also a different twist on hack and the bean stalk but it's still good with good actors.

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  • seayahtsea25 By  seayahtsea25    

    My whole family thoroughly enjoyed this movie n thats nearly impossible to do since we all like different types

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  • knatasha By  knatasha    

    My family loved this movie. No one moved until it was finished

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  • dontlikealaska By  dontlikealaska    

    My family loved this movie. We had an idea that we would enjoy it, so we bought it and were so glad that we did. We have owned it for quite some time, and probably watched it more than ten times. We love movies that we can watch as a family that aren't overly cheesy and have some action.

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  • AMiller1203 By  AMiller1203    

    This was rented by a friend for our weekly movie night. We laughed at the giants, especially the chef. It was a cute movie. It's fine for younger children,

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  • Jshows87 By  Jshows87    

    My boyfriend rented this movie for us from redbox last night. It was better than I expected. We were glued to our seats actually hitting pause when we had to reluctantly handle something else, and decided it was a must buy. I wouldn't recommend sensitive children watching it due to a few scenes, however if you enjoy movies with mild violence it's a good one.

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