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  • dreampeddler By  dreampeddler    

    You might think a blender is a terrible Mother's Day gift, but not when its this blender! How about giving it to mom along with a delicious smoothie made in her blender? My husband did that for me and we love this particular blender so much. Reliable, reasonably priced, attractive, and easy to clean. You cannot go wrong with this one! Doesn't take up too much counter space either.

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  • bridgetem By  bridgetem    

    I have had this blender since 2002 and it is still going strong! The only thing I have ever had to replace is the carafe because it rolled off the counter and broke. Other than that, it has been perfect! It makes awesome smoothies, daquiris, and sauces. It crushes ice better than anything I have ever used. Love it!

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