Vtech  LS6475-36 Cordless Telephone System

Vtech LS6475-36 Cordless Telephone System

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This phone is absolutely amazing. It's nice and sleek yet the buttons are very easy to see. The phone is also very easy to use. I love the sound quality

BEST CELL/HOME PHONE SYSTEM I HAVE EVER OWNED BY FAR..... As part of the She Speaks Campaign for VTech, I was given a complimentary Connect to Cell to review last month and really took my time trying out all the features before talking about it. VTech has made the best phone. As far as I am concerned, I see no reason to ever get another home phone because the VTech Connect To Cell does everything I need it to do and so much more.

I had this phone system and was very unhappy with it. From day one all I had is problems with it. I would never purchase a V-Tech product again. Not only did the product under preform but when dealing with their customer service department made it even worst.

As phones get slimmer, they're even harder to hold on your shoulder while preparing dinner or any other number of tasks you might be trying to do while using the phone. VTech's solution is a cordless headset that charges at the base. You can use the ear hook blue tooth style earpiece or the head band attachment. Now it's so easy to type or write while talking on the phone. Multi tasking has never been so easy. With both Neil and I working from home, I love having the cordless extension phone so that we both have one at our desk. Another great thing is, you can access all the features with the extension without having to be at the phone base. The handset allows you to do it all. We also can use them as walkie-talkie's to talk to each other from different rooms or even outside. My reception is so much better that I can walk all the way around the house and still be clearly hear the other caller. Plus there is a feature to help us find a lost handset. I just keep looking at my lovely new slim desk space saving phone. And the cordless headset built into the base, enabling users to be on a call while accomplishing other tasks. Another terrific feature is the voice announcement of the incoming number. This saves me from getting up to get the phone if I don't want to talk to the incoming caller. The only negative would be the voice of the announcer. It drives Neil crazy but me not so much. I'd recommend the Vtech LS6475-3 Cordless Telephone System to anyone.