Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera

Vtech Kidizoom Plus Digital Camera

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Good camera for children This camera is a great way to let your child learn how to take photos and some video. This isn't the best camera but it's fun and easy to work with my son loves to take photos, he's only 5 but really good at take photos. The quality of the images aren't top notch but it's not bad. The memory doesn't last long if there are videos on it. Batteries die fast... Especially if it's left on and used alot. By the way, requires 4AA and a 3V battery. Photo and video extraction is easy, use the USB cable that connects to the computer and save to you device. My son loves his camera. His joy is worth the buy!

Bad camera This camera is terrible. My son had a hard time taking pictures with it and the batteries kept dying (it sucks the life out of them). We finally just threw it in a drawer and gave it away the next time we took stuff to goodwill. This was not a fun toy.

I have two daughters. One is 10 and the other is 2. They both play with this and absolutely love it. Awesome that it appeals to all age groups.

Very durable but that's about it. Takes terrible pics! I recommend that if you're child is fairly responsible and doesn't throw electronics but has an interest in taking pics, buy them a cheap but real digital camera on Amazon. I got my 8 year old daughter hers for about $40 last Christmas and she does very well with it.

This is a neat little camera, but my oldest was only 3 when she got it for her birthday, and it really didn't interest her that much. I would suggest it for older kids.

My 7year old daughter,my 7 year old nephew and 3 year old nephew are constantly playing with the vtech camera I bought last Christmas. I am surrounded by 3 photographers at all times. Not only can te kids take photos of everything they love, but the camera has fun games for them as well

This camera can take a beating and keep on going. I bought this for my 8 year old a few years back and now my 27 month old runs around taking pictures and drops it everywhere. Still working, best first camera for the little ones.

My daughter has had this camera for years. She LOVES it. When she is not taking pictures with it she is playing the games that are included on the device. It is also extremely durable.. it's been dropped numerous time and it's still kicking. This camera was a very good investment!

This takes beautiful photos ,I was amazed at the quality of the photos.

I think I am going to buy this for my niece as one of her Christmas presents. She loves talking pictures, this should put a smile on her face. Thank you for the recommendation.

This is sturdy for young children and easy to use.

My daughter is on her second one of these cameras, as the first one broke. She does enjoy editing the pics, and loves to take videos of herself and her brother doing everyday things. However, the first camera stopped working for no reason. She had turned it off, put it down on her bookshelf, and when she picked it back up again 30 mins. later it was dead. I tried changing the batteries, and pressing reset with no avail. It has absolutely no power. So to sum up, she liked it enough that we had to buy a second one, but am skeptical as to how long it will stay functioning.

Love it .. My daughter would jus tlove this..

My daughter got one for her birhtday and she loves it! Its very durable, highly reccommend it!

My niece has this and loves it!!! I am getting one for my cousin for the holidays. We love that it is so durable.