Vtech  Baby's Learning Laptop

Vtech Baby's Learning Laptop

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Vtech laptop My daughter was absolutely addicted to this thing. The lights and sounds we?re so entertaining. All the features really engage young children. Perfect for toddlers.

My sons love this toy. It was the only thing that kept my 6mo old engaged at the time and now his 19mo old brother enjoys it.

my daughter got this for her birthday one year and she loves it only because it makes noise.

Both of my kids have enjoyed this product. I think the toy is creative in its placement of the mouse and the different settings for sound. It vocalized different words and emotions to them and seemed to entertain them easily. The battery life was amazing in this toy as well. Good educational tool!

I got this for my daughter at 6 months. She played with it lots. Very stimulating. My youngest daughter plays with it also now. It has held up and keeps them entertained for some time.

Amazing awesome product that has been used to the fill by other children in my home and now I have to get a new one for my granddaughter

My 18 month old is finally paying attention to this thing, prior to this the laptop hardly held his attention Now he sits quietly and plays with the buttons. I think maybe the age rating should change. It doesn't seem to work well with younger babies.

We bought this for my son when he was a baby. It didn't really have much educational value that I could find but it did keep him entertained and he enjoyed the lights and music.

My daughter loved the lights and buttons, but I'm not sure what this toy was supposed to do? Other than noises I couldn't figure it out.

My daughter loves this toy the lights flash on it so and she goes crazy and the noise and different settings keep her entertained.

I bought my daughter 1 for Christmas. She plays with it for about 2 minutes then throws it to the side. It just isn't stimulating enough to keep her attention.

We got this for our daughter. She sits & plays the music all the time. She loves to dance to the music as well.

This is a great first laptop for your little one. The lights, music, and sounds make this a great toy for trips in the car. It keeps my child entertained during the car ride. My child loves playing with this toy.

My 2 year old grand daughter was born completely deaf. With this product not only did she pay close attention to the tones and lights she was taught how to answer the questions that are simple to do. When tested on her scale of learning she was showing to be a 3 yr old and is only getting smarter with these types of products. However, as I work as a freelancer being disabled and my grand daughter lives with me she brings her computer next to me every day and does her work to. She now knows sign language and starting to talk. I love this and hope that it will help out yet more babies and young children as much as it did to my grand daughter.

My 2 year old great grandson loves this toy. When I am on the computer he always gets on my lap so we can go to his folder where I keep the things he enjoys to watch. After 20 minutes or so I give him his Vtech so I can get back to my business.