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  • JamJam77 By  JamJam77    

    The scent is good but me personally I would rather have fruity sweet, Very Sexy is a bit strong but great to wear for a date night with the hubby :)

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  • keaanne By  keaanne    

    This is one scent I love love love. It is not to strong and not to light its perfect espehially on a date night with my hubby. It has become a new favorite scent and i treat it like gold because i love it so much.

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  • Justmissash By  Justmissash    

    Scent is so good. Love this. Makes me feel pretty and love the bottle. Scent can be strong so use sparingly. But I love their products.

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  • kaycamp By  kaycamp    

    Smells good but a little to strong for my taste

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  • andichick By  andichick    

    Bought it because I really like the smell, however, not so much on me. Good smell just not for me.

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  • cherylie By  cherylie    

    i love Very Sexy this is one of my very favorite Victoria Secret scents, i have the regular size, and a travel size that i can carry with me so i can freshen up as the day goes on.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    One of the best scents VS has. My husband loves it.

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  • tammybaby By  tammybaby    

    This is one of the first scents I bought from VS years ago. It's also one of my favorites. I have become a VS perfume junkie. Love me some VS perfume and no matter which one I'm wearing my husband always tells me I smell good. ;)

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  • Larak12 By  Larak12    

    It's smells like old lady.

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  • gatewo11 By  gatewo11    

    I have been told by two different boyfriends now that I smell like a stripper every time I have worn this :/ Probably not the best impression. While I like the smell, it is very strong and can be overbearing. I put it in my gym bag so if I have to go somewhere afterwards and don't have time to change/shower I know it will cover up the stink lol. Other than that it's too strong for me and gives me headaches.

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  • MasterofMom By  MasterofMom    

    I bought my first bottle of this several years ago, and it was one of the best perfume purchases I have ever made. My husband (who was my boyfriend then), loved the smell and let me know it! Since then I have sprayed it on for every date night, and long story short.... we have a very good night! Smells spectacular.

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  • jazzberry187 By  jazzberry187    

    This is a perfect scent scent for a night on the town! very sexy and potent. my secret weapon for extra kisses from my hubby! The scent is long lasting as well which I absolutely love!

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  • nikki2076 By  nikki2076    

    One of my favorite perfumes! Smells so sexy!

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  • ChristieLight By  ChristieLight    

    The scent is good. I do feel rather sexy when wearing it, however I can find stuff that smells as good if not better at Bath and Body Works for cheaper.

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  • bfonsec1 By  bfonsec1    

    This scent is ok, i have it but can't say i love it, or is my signature scent. I like the Very Sexy Now. But to my this scent is too strong at first after a while it smells ok, but i wouldn't wear it everyday. I use it maybe twice a year.

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