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  • onenac By  onenac    

    This is my fav! It smells so good. I love vanilla

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  • lifeaslis By  lifeaslis    

    This is my fav! It smells so good, I always repurchase this. I just love the smell because its not overpowering

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  • erinmartin By  erinmartin    

    Smells delicious! I wish i owned Victoria's secret just so I can have all the products!:)

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  • Sar31908 By  Sar31908    

    I love Victoria secrets perfume and skin care. The vanilla lace smells amazing and it last all day long.

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  • barrybunch By  barrybunch    

    Absolutely my favorite! I have worn the Vanilla Lace for over 15 years now and I never get sick of it. I always receive compliments on it. The lotion absorbs beautifully; leaves skin soft and silky with a lovely scent.

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  • Easy2Save By  Easy2Save    

    This is one of my favorite everyday scented lotions it is a Vanilla scent with a touch of Musk. I use the body cream which is thick on my elbows and feet it smells good and softens rough skin. I then use the lotion of the same scent on my arms and legs and that is enough scent to use alone without adding perfume. Price $12 for 6.7oz

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