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  • sonyahg By  sonyahg    

    Works good. I usually get on sale during semi annual.

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  • Hiiyooitscat By  Hiiyooitscat    

    I get most of mine during the semi-annual sale. They are really cheap then lol.. Its a combo of a blush and highlighter. The mix of colors gives you a nice glow. Sadly they dont have a large variety of colors, just about 2-4. Some can be a bit powdery, but that can be over looked as long as you blend it in well.. It blends in easily!.. just a touch of this will give your skin the vibrant color you want.

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  • 2007sister By  2007sister    

    I love the White Hot to put on your whole face. It gives it just the perfect glimmer and shine, it's great for a night out! I wear it daily! I also wear the face trio color Mate for my cheeks as blush. It's a great combination! I don't like to have all that liquid makeup on my face, I prefer to look natural and not wear gobs of makeup but make my complextion pop

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