Victoria's Secret  Beauty Rush Body Double Mist

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Body Double Mist

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I love Victoria's Secret body sprays and lotions they smell great!

I am a huge Victoria's Secret fan and love these! They smell very fresh and clean and the smell lasts a long time. There is a big variety and of course when they have the sprays there is lotion which is a huge bonus!

This product has a range of smells, some of which, like honeydew, i find pleasant and strangely true to the actual smell of honeydew, but others are slightly too sugary and overpowering. I do not find that it takes a long time to spray and disperse this product, and if you are into very sugary fruity scents, I would definitely recommend this product!

I would just like to say that I have never been let down by a VS fragrance. Including this one. Although it takes more time to spray and is allegedly "drying" to your skin, which hasnt been my experience, it smells amazing! Who writes a review on a fragrance and doesnt even say anything about how it smells..... picky. lazy. wasteful.

I usually love the Victoria's Secrets beauty and body products. I was very disappointed with the Body Double Mist though!! The spray dispenser covers a very small area of the body and very little comes out with each spray. It takes me a lot longer to apply this product than to use lotion. My finger gets tired hitting the spray button before I have even done have my body. The thing I am most disappointed with is how drying it is on my skin! Supposedly it has two layers of skin conditioners, but the first ingredient is alcohol and it made my skin dry and itchy (and I was using it in summer when I normally have issues with dry skin). I will go back to using only lotion. I don't even think I will finish using this up... I think I will throw it out.