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  • Teralynn7383 By  Teralynn7383    

    This fragrance gets you compliments!

    Every time I wear this Fragrance I am stopped by a Stranger & complimented! Everyone loves this scent!!!

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  • JamJam77 By  JamJam77    

    Victoria secret Puts out some amazing scents, and Secret Bombshell in Bloom is one of these amazing scents! I love the fact that it lasts all day with a wonderful scent of Lily, Pink Freesia, and Red Apple. I enjoy this scent in spring and summer as I am sure you will too.

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  • Tamtam30 By  Tamtam30    

    This is a very soft and subtile fragrance. It makes you feel sexy and smells amazing.

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  • chanel84 By  chanel84    

    Got it as a gift this is the best vs cologne what I used smells sweet

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  • Natassia83 By  Natassia83    

    This fragrance smells like "addictively" amazing. Very empowering understones. A weapon of seduction in a bottle.

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  • vickiedien By  vickiedien    

    This perfume smells so good. I originally purchased the regular Bombshell perfume before this one came out and this one definitely smells better!

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  • jayhyman By  jayhyman    

    It's a good fragrance. Its no Sexy Little Thing (please bring that back VS) but its okay.

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  • kristen_b By  kristen_b    

    Really enjoy wearing this fragrance. Very feminine and fresh. Great as a spring/summer scent.

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  • shresthashre2 By  shresthashre2    

    I absolutely love this fragnance. They smell amazingly good. I have finished one bottle already and it last me for soo long time. Little is enough for all day long. And i want to repurchase it again. It really has a clean fresh smell which i really love.

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  • toni77303 By  toni77303    

    I love this product to and love how it smells

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  • brandynicolesmith1996 By  brandynicolesmith1996    

    This stuff is so great. It's more of a clean, fresh, scent for me personally. My mom actually bought this off a yard sale page, and I actually like it a lot. Me, and her usually don't like the same scents so that's saying a lot lol! I really want some of my own. I love VS!

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  • Shawnalaa By  Shawnalaa    

    Victoria's Secret Bombshells in Bloom Eau de Parfum is my go-to fragrance. I absolutely love that it lingers all day- with no need to re-apply. It's a super fresh scent with notes of water lily, pink freesia and red apple. I use it as my everyday scent and it's perfect for spring and summer. I really like the mix of flowers with apple- you can definitely differentiate the different layers of it. Victoria's Secret Bombshells in Bloom has a permanent place on my fragrance shelf and I would recommend it to anyone who likes fresh scents that layer flowers with fruits.

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