Vera Bradley Tote Bag

Vera Bradley Tote Bag

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comfort- I say go for it If you're trying to put together an outfit thats cute and in style- find something much sleeker. This is what to stay away from.

Is it just me, or does this look like my grandmother's hand-made tote? Honestly, I wonder if Vera's trying to be subversive by creating a sort of iconic bag that is so clearly unfashionable and [succesfully] marketing it to women who believe they are making a fashionable choice in purchasing it. Is she sending a message about materialism in the US? Seems like she's saying, "HA! You all are idiots! Because of it's fugly design, it is easily identifiable. And because it is so expensive, you WANT everyone to know what you paid for it! So you go and buy something unmistakably ugly just so everyone will know that you wasted your money on this shit!"

Love Vera Bradley! Not the price! The patterns are fabulous, they hold up extremly well, I have been using the same tote for 10 years and still looks great!

I absolutely love Vera Bradley!! The only thing keeping this from being 5 stars is the price. I always check to see if there are new patterns on the market. I thank my fellow reviewers for the tips on getting bags that are reduced in price. A beautiful product. If I can't afford the totebag, I usually get the eyeglass case which is extremely durable! Also, Vera Bradley also produces a pattern, where some of the proceeds go to breast cancer research.

I found a large Vera Bradley tote for a few dollars at an estate sale a couple months before the birth of my son. I have to say this bag was a Godsend, as it became both a diaper bag and quick purse for me, for many many months. It was very durable and held up so well. I hated to part with it when Caden no longer needed a diaper bag! But a pregnant friend was thrilled when I turned it over for her to use. I have since purchased a new Vera Bradley tote at the NEX. I know the bags aren't cheap, but the NEX charges less and no tax, so it wasn't overly expensive. This bag has been just as durable as the one I previously described. It is great to take while traveling and not so expensive that I have to treat it with "kid gloves".

i love vera bradley i have the villager and it is perfect for a college girl! it fits my necesities and a few books perfectly

I have 3 vera bags 2 totes and 1 messenger. I used the totes for an everday purse and they held up still a few years later and I still use them for the kids things like dance or books for the library. I used the messanger as a diaper bag for the first year and it took the abuse and still held up. Worth the money that I spent for it.

I like Vera Bradley and the designs are great, but they are just way too expensive to buy. Especially when you can find other brands that are similar for a lesser price.

I received one for my birthday and I love it. My purse is usually stuffed and the strap digs into my shoulder. However, because this is made of cloth it is soft and is so much more comfortable to carry around. I've used it all summer and it seems very durable even though I have so much stuff in it. I love the pretty colors it comes in too.

I really enjoy Vera Bradley bags. Kudos to their company for finding something that so many women will just go crazy for. I think they are a little overpriced but they are nice and durable bags. Especially the ones with the pockets in the side. You can't go wrong with a Vera Bradley. I'm just a little upset I didn't think of it first!

I am a big fan. I got my first one 8 years ago when my son was one; it was not the tote bag but a really cute backpack that served me as both a purse AND a diaper bag. (I was REALLY tired of lugging that thing around!) Of course eventually I didn't have to carry around diapers anymore but still ahd to carry snacks, hand cleaner, I still carry Vera Bradleys in forms ranging from the tote bags to the backpacks to just cute girly purses. I love how cheerful the prints and colors are and as others have mentioned, they are SUPER durable! I still have and can use my first backpack and it looks great!

I love my Vera Bradley's. I have the go around tote and it was a great bag to take while traveling. A spot for everything right at your fingertips!

I love Vera Bradley! Used to think the products were overpriced, but have discovered that they are actually comparable to other handbags and totes. They are very pretty and extremely durable. Where leather bags can wear and scuff, Vera Bradley products are made so well that wear is not noticeable at all. My daughter has the backpack and it's the only one that hasn't fallen apart by the end of the school year! I've purchased quite a few items. Once I bought the first one, I was hooked! And if you don't want to pay full price, you can always find retired patterns on sale, or even online.

I picked mine up for a dollar at a garage sale and I LOVE IT!! I can carry my wallet, keys, camera, cell phone, basically everything I need and then some. I can even carry a notebook with me. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

I might be the only woman on the planet who HATES these bags. They are hidious to me lol and the price is ridiculous for something you can probably make yourself with fabric