Vera Bradley Hipster

Vera Bradley Hipster

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Pretty big for a hip bag. Was good when I needed to hold a lot. I would use it to keep a book in. Nice for travel. Durable and lasts a while

I love my hipster purse!!! It lasted for a very long time and kept all my stuff plus my iPad.

I used many hipster as a nurse for about a year and the cross body was nice. Also the pockets kept me organized. But after that time the quilted material gets worn and I rarely use it anymore. So it;s quality up to a certain point.

I have many Vera Bradley bags but not a hipster I thought the straps would be too short

Great length and shape though the front zipper pouch is a little awkward to use.

I have 3 Vera Bradley styles and the Hipster is my favorite.

For moms- Yes. For kids- Yes. If you're trying to be trending stay away! Very Bradley is not in style.

Perfect shape for carrying larger items like books or a tablet!

The Vera Bradley Hipster is the perfect purse for the everyday busy-body! It's unique, cute and keeps you hand free throughout the day. The variety of patterns offered provide diversity, allowing each customer to find a style that meets their individual personality. Not only is this purse stylish, but it's practical. The 100% cotton material allows for easy cleaning, just through it in the washer and go! It also has a variety of pockets inside and out, including two pockets on the front, one large pocket on the back and three slip pockets inside. Overall, this purse if perfect for everyone, anywhere and anytime.