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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    I have been using this lotion now for about a week and my dry cracked skin has healed within 3 of those days. I had such badly cracked skin on my hands by my fingers which happens to me every year at this time and I suffer for over a week trying to clear it up with lotions but using Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair lotion healed my skin in 3 days - WOW! I continue to use this everyday now and my skin is smooth and feels great. This softens, heals, and absorbs great all over and without any greasy feeling. Looks like I found my perfect healing lotion, watch out Winter!

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  • neonsnow By  neonsnow    

    I love this lotion, no fragrance, just works right into your skin to not only repair whatever issue your having with dryness or irritation but also helps to prevent it so your skin is noticeably better, more healthy over time. It's a real must for me during the cold, winter months we have here in the northeastern US. I rely on this stuff to get me through until the humidity comes back in the spring!

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  • Photogchik By  Photogchik    

    I used this when I was pregnant and developed eczema, it is great on super dry hands.

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  • jdupree56 By  jdupree56    

    Not a fan of Vaseline Lotions. They absorb too quickly and leave a strange finish. Lotion's feel more luxurious when they're rich a creamy, and Vaseline always tends to have a thin, runny formula. I have very dry elbows and knees, so I found myself doing about 5/6 layers of lotion in these places to get relief from my itchy dry skin. Quick drying lotion is ideal for summertime, but the finish of this lotion leaves my skin taunt and wanting for more moisture.

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  • DaringSpecimen7 By  DaringSpecimen7    

    Did alright in moisturizing my skin.Not in love with the petrolatum or mineral oil but is somewhat of a keeper.Also wish it was a bit bigger in size.

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  • onenac By  onenac    

    This is great for dry skin.

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  • nursejulz By  nursejulz    

    Great for everyday use! Very affordable and lasts a long time.

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  • cherokeechic By  cherokeechic    

    I enjoy using this product b/c it leaves my skin soft and smooth

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  • lovesamplessampletime By  lovesamplessampletime    

    I recieved this as a sample and loved it. It made my skin soooo soft!

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  • gabrielsmommy By  gabrielsmommy    

    Trusted household name and brand.

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  • divadurga By  divadurga    

    I just received the new Vaseline Intensive Rescue repairing moisture body lotion as a sample in the mail. It claims to "accelerate the healing of dry skin." It claims that it is non-greasy or sticky-and that's true. It is made for dry or very dry skin. My skin isn't particularly 'dry' but I liked the therapeutic effect on the skin on my arms after having a eight month breakout due to a new wheat/gluten allergy condition. My arms are 'healing' with my new diet and the dry bumps are going down. My skin appears to have quenched and absorbed all the moisture in this lotion just like water. The Vaselline repairing moisture lotion is hypoallergenic, softens and repairs your skin. My skin is still soft today. It contains glycerin which is supposed to 'triple' the moisture. It also contains 'occlusives' that supposed to help lock moisture in all day. It is fragrance-free. I'll most likely pick some up when I go to CVS.

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  • greenteamom56 By  greenteamom56    

    This is great for dry skin. This one in particular is Fragrance Free. I use it as a day time face cream. I have very sensitive skin and this works great for me. I also love it for my very dry hands, especially with the cold winter heading our way here in Pa. It is not greasy and a little goes a long way. It is a very afordable option to other more expensive products out there. I find it very healing for my hands and use it daily. One of my favorite afordable lotions that i can not be without. :)

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