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  • Lizzlebit By  Lizzlebit    

    I recently began using the cocoa butter gel body oil--I love it! I needed something for my legs since shaving has been drying them out so much. I love how this product feels--my skin feels super soft even a day after I apply it! It also smells awesome!

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  • shellytay By  shellytay    

    I really like the cooling effect from this gel!

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    I have been having problems with finding the right lotion for my super dry skin. Vaseline lotion line has always been good to me, but then I was never a fan of "cream" lotion for some reason. When I was at a drug store and saw the gel, I had to try it out! I am so glad i did! not only is it smooth and cooling, it also looks great! Contains Aloe Vera.

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