Various Artists Twilight Official Movie Soundtrack

Various Artists Twilight Official Movie Soundtrack

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Great soundtrack, matched the movie perfectly. Catchy mellow music.

Is very true to the movie soundtrack. If you liked the movie music you will like this.

Love it !!

Love LOVE love this soundtrack! Fits the movie to a T!

I enjoyed this movie and the music for this was really good.

the best of the twilight soundtracks. a few songs are now on the breaking dawn part 1 also, but this one by far is the best of them all. there is a variety of artist and sounds and they all work together.

I did the love the Cds it bought me back to the movies and was excited all over again. There were some songs that i did not like to go with movie but overall love the Cd

loved the music and exspecially the movie.

I love Twilight . . . and the music that Stephenie Meyer picked on her website playlist, which were actually the tracks that inspired a lot of the books. However, this CD is really a Hollywood-ized pop mix of songs that really aren't that great. Where is all the Dido, Coldplay, Cranberries and other truly dramatic and intensely emotional music that isn't corny? And really, why did they pick THAT Muse song?(note my name, I'm a fan) It should have been "Time is Running Out"! Anyway, it just really was a disappointment.

I love this CD. I listen to it all day long.

it's o.k. nothing special.

I loved the movie! I took my niece and six of her friends lol.Although I don't own the soundtrack, I agree that it was very good,a perfect fit for the movie.I'm looking forward to NEW MOON!

I enjoyed the soundtrack but I didn't like the bonus tracks on the cd i purchased.

Loved the music and the movie.