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  • stef42678 By  stef42678    

    So Delicious

    These taste so good and you won't believe they are gluten free. I love that they have a light and fluffy texture and taste great. These are super easy to make and taste great for breakfast.

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  • CNelson By  CNelson    

    For a quick breakfast

    These waffles are so good for a quick breakfast. Just pop them in the toaster oven and drizzle with natural honey. I believe syrup has too much sugar. These are quick and easy on those busy mornings.

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  • notheragain By  notheragain    

    Really worth trying out

    These are really good--I appreciate all of the gluten free varieties. They can get a bit dry if you have an open box, but I heat them in the microwave with a damp towel to freshen them up. I ate them before I was gluten free (my son is as well) and really enjoyed them, so you can serve them to anyone with confidence. I like to add toppings like whipped cream, some jam, honey, etc.

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  • gooberfine33914 By  gooberfine33914    

    Can't tell they are gluten free!!

    I love these waffles. It is hard to tell that these are gluten free. Anybody who has celiac disease, is in for a treat.

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  • meganam By  meganam    

    I've tried the apple cinnamon and the blueberry waffles, and they are both delicious. The waffles turn out well in the toaster, granted my toaster isn't that great so I do have to flip them once and retoast them. But they taste delicious and they keep me full for a few hours.

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  • Zarinna By  Zarinna    

    I love van's waffles, had to switch my kids from eggos, better ingredients and they taste good my kids loves them.

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  • Lydia03253 By  Lydia03253    

    Not bad for a wheat free waffle. Love them for sandwiches. It is hard to find gluten free products that taste good. These are good.

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  • Lorisa By  Lorisa    

    I like these very much. They have a very nice texture and being gluten free I am very happy with this find.

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  • elainejade By  elainejade    

    Fantastic gluten free product. I honestly like them better than Eggo's! Great to use for bread in breakfast sandwiches.

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  • Jenicsf By  Jenicsf    

    I like these a lot, great texture and crunch for a gluten free product

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  • cgreviews By  cgreviews    

    These are pretty delicious and gluten free! They're light and taste great!

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  • AYearick By  AYearick    

    Love Van's all their products are great. They are so light and yummie! I love to put cream cheese and honey on them for a quick treat.

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  • M1ndyclark By  M1ndyclark    

    I just entered the "gluten free zone" about a year ago so I am still finding what products I like and dislike. Van's Gluten free waffles (try the blueberry!) were so amazing! After not eating a bread like product for months these were a heavenly treat. They were not gritty and did not have the odd texture that sometimes comes with gluten free foods.They were light and sweet with a slightly nutty flavor. I recommend!

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